Satire is EVERYWHERE....

What is satire...

Satire is when writers use tools such as humor, irony, and exaggeratin in order to make fun of a situation or certain people. It often mocks someone or something of power and points out the stupitidy of people. It exposes the foolishness and corruption of our society. Satire is most often used to ridicule governments, society, businesses, and individuals.

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Satire TV

Satire can be found just about anywhere. TV is oozing with all kinds of uses of satire. The very popular show, 'Saturday Night Live', is an example of a show that usually has satire woven into it. SNL skits usually contain actors who mock and poke fun at powerful or popular figures in our society. The picture above shows "Obama", "Kim Kardashian"
, and "Harry Styles". Their characters are exaggerated in order to show the individuals faults and vices; with Harry acting overly obnoxious and Kim talking in an extremely annoying tone. The presidents secretary continually tells Obama exactly what he needs to do, but gives him no real reason to act, although he acts upon it anyway. This is to say that Obama's reasoning is that there really is none. The whole situation is exaggerated and makes fun of people in our society, the government, and individual personalities in order to draw attention to the fact that these things are happening. People are making ridiculous uploads to social media, Obama is making awful decisions, and the famous people in our society can be really stupid. This is satire.

Examples Of Satire

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Some common examples of tools used in satire..

· Hyperbole: an exaggeration language. It changes or twists facts to make them seem appear bigger or more extravagant than they actually are in reality.

· Irony: using words to portray a meaning that is the opposite from what it actually means.

· Parody: an imitation and sometimes mockery of a style of a writer or artist with intended exaggeration for a comedic effect.

· Caricature: a drawing, picture, or description about a person or thing that exaggerates particular characteristics to form a comedic or distorted effect.


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