Spring BrainStorming Meetings

Come prepared to dream about your next year in scouting

Plan to brainstorm what you would like to do after Fly up.

Cookie sales and other fundraiser help you fulfill your dreams.

Most of you have done so well that your dreams of Archery and Horse workship will be paid for out of your initial orders.

If you can dream,, you can do it.

For those girls that plan to return in the fall to Troop 41421.

We want to encourage early bird registration.

We will have a battle of the minds for those returning so you can lay out some thoughts and ideas that you would like.

Celebrations / Ceremonys.

Pick out your gs Journey

Day Trips or overnights

Intrest patches or Pins you want to try to earn.


Museums / Theater

And more.

You be thinking. Wright it down. Bring to April meetings

Troop Adventure camp May 30 - June 1st

You will not want to miss the April and May meetings if you plan to go.

Remember, you have a voice. Speak out. Do your part.

In scouting, your off to a good start.

planing the Brownie Fly Up & How the Jrs fit in

Also on our agenda for April.

You have a voice.

If you plan to be a part of our Fly up/bridging ceremony Friday May 16th, you will want to be at the April meetings. If you miss the meetings. You will not have a part in the ceremony.

This is your chance to make choices and plans for your Big Celebration.

Girl Scouts can do Anything

any questions dont hesitate to ask





We are alway avalable to answer. If we dont know the answer

We will find out for you.