No Unnecessary Killing

Do: Odysseus decides not to kill the cyclops, Polyphemus, because he knows that it will end worse than if he does not kill him. He holds restraint to be able to escape the cyclops and outwit him.

Do Not: Odysseus almost kills Eurylochus because he insults him on his personal flaws and makes him look bad.


Protect the Realm From Evil Doers

Do: Odysseus fights off the suitors who are plaguing his home.

Do Not: Telemachus lets the suitors stay within his home for far too long even when they disrespect him and plot against him.

Honor the Dead

Do: Odysseus honors Elpenor's wish to go back to Circe's Isle and retrieve his armor so that it may be buried with him in Ithica.

Do Not: The suitors disrespect Odysseus home and do not care that he is dead for they want Penelope all to themselves.