Bacon's Weekly Bits

Friday, February 5, 2016

Week - At - A - Glance

Reading: We focused on right there information by finding details explicitly in the text. So, we used our Missouri and Science textbooks to read. We then had to find the best sentence in the text and read it word-for-word to respond to the question. This may seem very tedious, but the kiddos can tell you we often answer questions that do not respond to the question. For example, if I ask what causes rocks to change, the kids will respond by telling me how they change. With practice, they realized the importance of details in the questions to help respond. This week, we will work on main idea by taking frequently used words and constructing a sentence about the text. We will be using a article about slavery in India (which fits nicely with Civil War).

Writing: We used the information we learned about Missouri Statehood as a writing prompt. When Missouri became the 24th state, the government meetings were held in St. Louis, which acted as the capitol when we were a territory. People decided to move the meetings to an new location that would be the center of the state, and Jefferson City was selected. So, Missouri moved the state capitol to Jefferson City rather than continuing to meet in St. Louis. We used our persuasive/opinion writing information to determine if we think the capitol should have stayed in St. Louis or if it should have moved. We will have lots of feedback from this prompt to help us as we write more using this format. This week, we will write our opinions and persuade readers using the about slavery as our prompt.

Grammar: We wrapped up prepositions and began prefixes/roots/suffixes. We will continue prefixes/roots/suffixes.

Spelling: We completed Unit 20 spelling words with the -le and -en sounds. Which, supported our introduction to prefixes/roots/suffixes. We will not have spelling do to the short week and early release on Thursday.

Science: We learned:

  • What are the types of rocks? (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic; minerals help determine the type of rock)

  • How do rocks change? (heating, cooling, pressure)

  • How does weathering & erosion affect rocks? (rocks that are hard take longer to change; rocks that are softer change faster)

This week, we will develop meaning to weathering and erosion using graphic organizers to define, apply, and find examples/non-examples.

Math: We practiced finding equivalent fractions, simplest forms, and common denominators. We also started trying to solve problems with equivalent fractions. By the end of the week we took a Mid-Chapter Checkpoint to check for understanding and see who and what skills we need to work on. We will go over our Mid-Chapter Checkpoint and we will begin comparing fractions.

Valentine Party

This week, on Wednesday, is our classroom Valentine Party. The party begins at 2:05pm and will end at 2:35pm. Remember, kids are welcome make and bring Valentine boxes from home, if they choose. Our class list is here. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you Kristen Martin for planning and organizing!!!

Ms. Bacon's Classroom

Don't forget the Lexia Pizza Party Contest. We are using our Pride Time to help achieve our goal. We do still need to do Reflex as homework. The contest ends February 16. Don't forget to retweet and help us earn more points. Thanks.