Cross my Heart, Hope to Die

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A Mystery Novel/Lying Game Novel written by Sara Shepard

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Character Roles

Sutton Mercer (murdered) and Emma Paxton- Main characters, also twins

Becky Mercer- Biological mother

Laurel Mercer- Half sister

Ethan Landry- Boyfriend

Thayer Rybak- Sutton's ex-boyfriend

Kristin Mercer- Half mom

Ted Mercer- Half dad

Celeste- Spiritual girl

Charlotte Chamberlain- Best friend

Madeline Rybak- Best friend

Gabriella and Lilianna Florello- Twitter obsessed twins

Nisha Banerjee- Ex-rival now friend

Sanjay Banerjee- Nisha's father and mental ward captain

Below is the cast of The Lying Game TV series characters.

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Recap of The Lying Game (first novel)

Emma Paxton is having a typical normal foster home day until she finds out she has a twin sister from a video on Facebook and messages her. Sutton responds telling her they should meet up. Little did she know, her twin sister was murdered on that day. She appears at the location they decided to meet up (Sabino Canyon). A group of people attack "Sutton"(actually Emma) with a burlap bag and they take her across the street and remove the bag from her head, she finds out its Sutton's friends trying to play a prank on her. Not knowing Emma was not Sutton, they bring her back to Nisha's party. After the party, Emma goes to Sutton's house still playing as Sutton. The next morning, Laurel gets a note addressed to Sutton and gives it to Emma without reading it. The note said "Sutton's dead, keep playing along." Later, she finds out about "The Lying Game" Sutton and her friends play. The Lying Game(TLG) is an elaborate prank game they play on each other or people who get in their way. One day, Emma can not stand it anymore and she tells her entire story to Ethan. After hearing this, he promises to help her through until the end.

Who is the suspect?

One day, Emma sees her birth mom(Becky) with Thayer at a cafe. Soon, Emma starts suspecting her mom killed Sutton. Soon after the day she sees her mother, she dines with her father and he receives a phone call from the hospital saying Becky had an accident. When Emma visits her mother, Becky instantly knows Emma was not Sutton. Emma flees and realizes her mother could be the one who killed Sutton. This moment of realization leads up to the plot twist and the mystery of who killed her twin sister. When she sees Becky during the rest of the book, she is careful to insist she is Sutton and not Emma to find out if her mother really killed her sister.

The gig is up?

They decide to play a Lying Game prank on Celeste, who is the weird, new, spiritual girl at their school. The prank was that there would be a fortune telling tent with a phony fortune teller who would tell her to break up because her grandmother(an important idol in Celeste's life) does not like her boyfriend, and spirits begin to "curse" her. Emma and her friends would wear masks and videotape the whole phenomenon. After the cruel prank, Celeste tells Emma that she senses something different from a picture of her on a wall and her in person. She tells Emma that the chakra is different... somehow nicer than her twin sister, however Celeste does not know she has a sister. Meanwhile, the fortune teller has a breakthrough with her sister Sutton. She tells Emma what her sister says and for a moment, Emma really believes it but she decides common sense over ghosts. Emma is getting more and more scared people can see past her; She begins trusting less and less people and shutting out people she loves.

Secrets, secrets

In the end of the book, Emma finds out Ethan was lying to her about his personal records. It really hurts her because she shares everything with Ethan, and he still hides things from her. They make up in the end, though she forgives and does not forget. Thankfully, the final verdict was Becky, her mother was not guilty. Emma finds out that Becky met Sutton in the canyon and told her to find her twin sister(Emma) and runs off. The story ends at the death of Nisha Banerjee who was killed by Sutton's murderer because she "knew too much." Emma feels extremely guilty because before she was killed, Nisha continuously called her with important news and Emma brushed her off repeatedly.

The Lying Game theme song(from the TV show)

Gun For A Tongue - Butterfly Boucher (TLG Opening Theme)

Songs that describe The Lying Game

Rumor has it- Adele

This song describes Sutton perfectly, Sutton is more like a player. The part of the song where Adele sings "You've been telling people things you shouldn't be, Like when we creep out when she ain't around, Haven't you heard the rumours?" is exactly like her.

Last Friday Night- Katy Perry

This song describes Sutton/Emma's group of friends perfectly. They all like to party and they end of up doing things that they regret but feel good at the same time. "Pictures of last night, Ended up online, I'm screwed, Oh well, It's a blacked out blur, But I'm pretty sure it ruled"

If I Die Young- The Band Perry

Sutton was about 17 when she died, and that is a very young age to die. "The sharp knife of a short life, oh well"

Love The Way You Lie- Eminem ft. Rihanna

This song describes the scene when Emma finds out Ethan is hiding something from her. "I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like, And right now it's a steel knife in my windpipe"

Numb- Linkin Park

This song describes how tired Emma is, about pretending to be Sutton. "I'm tired of being what you want me to be"

Heaven- Ailee

This song describes Ethan's love for Emma and what he would do for her. "Where you are, I will be there too. Where you go, I will go there too"

Stronger- Kelly Clarkson

This song describes how whenever the Killer tries to bring her down, she comes back up, ready and fighting. Whatever the Killer throws at her, she can return it stronger than ever. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Stand a little taller, Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone, What doesn't kill you makes a fighter"

Song playlist:

Pictures that describe The Lying Game

"My sister wants the truth, but sometimes, the truth hurts..." - Sutton Mercer