The Digital Side of Things....

So, how is this going to work?

Our campus will be piloting a program for BISD. Your librarian will now be your Media DIGITAL Specialist. We are super excited about this adventure! Here's what you need to know:

  • This program will be piloted at three campuses: Lanier, Ogg, and Ney.
  • This is right in line with the Future Ready Library movement (in other words, this is the way our job is evolving).
  • In exchange for the extra duties your Librarian will be taking on, a Library Aide has been provided for the campuses participating in this program.

How Will We Help You?

  • Assist with implementing digital tools into your lessons
  • Model the use of digital tools in your class or in the library
  • Attend PLC meetings...we need to hear what you will be covering so that we can find appropriate technology for you to use
  • One on one goal setting with each teacher each nine weeks
  • Teacher of Innovation program: let's show off what you know!

More Information Coming

We will meet with teams during the first week of school to discuss all library and digital information in further detail.