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Chernobyl Land and Water Impacts

Chernobyl Summary

In 1986 the Chernobyl nuculear power plant in the Ukraine had an unexpected meltdown. The explosion destroyed the number four reactor and led to a release of nuclear material. This nuclear meltdown contributed to 134 cases of Acute Radiation Syndrome(ARS) which killed 28 of the victims within a few weeks. The meltdown contaminated many nearby cities that were later evacuated and are still uninhabited now.
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Land Impact

The meltdown of the Chernobyl contaminated over 125,000 square miles worth of land in Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine. The radiation has had a great impact on agriculture in the region. For example in Berlarus there was an estimated 2,640 square kilometeres of farmland and 1,900 square kilometers of forest that was contaminated. While the exclusion zone from the meltdown is starting to thrive it is unsure exactly how damaged the plants are. In some of the less contaminated areas where cattle graze, there are reports that the milk and meat are also contamianted by the radiation. The meltdown has also led to the abandanment of many cities, that can not be inhabitated by humans for for great deal of time.

Water Impact

The explosion of the Chernobyl has also had an impact on the water. When the reactor exploded there was a good amount of radioactive chemicals released into the air. These chemicals mixed in with the water vapor in the atmosphere, and as a result there was acid rain in the area. The acid rain ran off into the ponds, and other local water supplies and contaminated the water. The contaminated water supplies became undrinkable and the fish that lived in the ponds became uneatable. The water wasn't as polluted as the soil and land, but it still caused a problem. The water, much like the land, will remain undrinkale for a great deal of time.

Future Outlook

The Chernobyl will only really impact the Ukraine and Russia. It will impact the water and land, by making it inhabitable and the water undrinkable. This will impact the region for a great deal of time and will eventually settle itself.


1. What was the Chernobyl?

2. Why did the Chernobyl have such an impact on the area.