Kindergarten News

Kindergarten's Weekly Newsletter - Issue 4

CURRICULUM NEWS for September 11th - 15th

SEPTEMBER 11th - 15th


  • am, can, the


  • Ll, Pp, Oo, Dd, Gg
Click here to play alphabet games!


  • Green


  • Predictions
Click here to listen to some children's online books and practice making predictions!


    • Brainstorming ideas to write about
    • Adding details to our illustrations


    • Comparing sets of objects & numbers (more, less, greater, fewer, equal)
    Click here to play comparison games!


    • The 5 Senses

    • U.S. Symbols (U.S.A. flag, bald eagle, Texas flag)
    • Freedom, Patriots, & The Pledge of Allegiance

    Practice the Pledge of Allegiance using the proper etiquette!

    Important Dates

    Thursday, September 14th - Wear green

    Friday, September 22 - No school (staff professional development)


    CHANGE: Thursday, October 26th - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (information coming in late September)

    Friday, October 27th - Windsong Boosterthon

    Monday, October 30th - 50's Day (students are invited to dress in 50's attire)

    Weekly Homework

    Please complete the following homework each night:

    Monday - Go on a numbers scavenger hunt around your house or neighborhood! Check to see if your child can identify and write the numbers 0 - 10 out of order.

    Tuesday - Have your child use his/ her number flash cards (you can make these at home with index cards) to put the numbers in order from 0 - 10. Have your child close his/ her eyes and pull a card. Ask your child which number is missing.

    Wednesday - Using beans, cereal, or toys, create two sets of objects (0 - 10). Have your child identify which set has more or less.

    Thursday - Play Writing the Numbers game (0 - 10). Player one will write a number without showing it to player two. Player two will do the same. Partners will show their numbers to each other at the same time. Partners will compare their numbers (more/ less, greater/ fewer, the same/ equal).

    Friday - No homework. Enjoy your weekend!

    *After student math assessments are complete (mid to late October), the kindergarten teachers will send math homework that is on level and above level. If your child has mastered 0-10 then you can increase the numbers written above.

    Remember to read for 20 minutes each night!

    There are many fun and interactive

    websites for literacy.

    Here are a few FREE online resources:

    Please read the email below from our picture day representative.

    Dear Windsong Elementary School parents!

    We are honored and thrilled to photograph your students this year! We are currently hard at work preparing for picture day next week!

    There are three ways to view your images!

    • As soon as we post the images, we will notify parents with an email link to the email address you provide on the take home flyer. The link will go directly to YOUR images! No need to wade through the whole school's photos!
    • If you would like your images to be sent to an alternate email than the one you provided, or you would like us to email the images to other parents, grandparents and family members, simply click on the link below to submit the name of the person photographed and the email addresses that you would like the photos sent to! We can send a direct link to as many people as you want! You can also use the registration site to provide a mailing address so that we can send paper proofs and an order form home!


    You may go to our website:

    1. Click on the School button.

    2. Choose SCHOOL - GRADES K-12

    3. Click on the link for Prosper High School

    4. Click on the link for this event, Windsong Elementary School

    5. Enter the Participant's last name and choose a category!

    Once you have found the images you want to purchase, just click the green button to add to cart and follow the instructions to check out!

    PLEASE EMAIL if you have any questions.

    A note from our Registrar...

    When submitting an excuse note, be it emailed or written, please include:

    1. first name
    2. last name
    3. grade & teacher
    4. date of absence
    This is very important because there are some students with the exact same name.

    Just a friendly reminder that calling the attendance line does NOT count as a parent note and the absence will not be excused until an email or written note is received by Ms. Roehl.

    Thank you for your help!

    Meghan Roehl -