First American Tribes

Ancient Ancestors

Anasazi 500-1200AD

They were Native Americans. They constructed dams, ditches, and canals to stop rainfall. The houses were made of adobe and stone, were multi-storied, and they lived along walls or cliffs. The heart of civilization pueblo bonito where 1000 people lived. They built roads for trading networks. Made baskets, turquoise jewelry, and black or white pottery. They heavily influenced art and architecture. Left perhaps from many droughts.


They lived in the Ohio region. They grew many things such as squash, sunflowers, barley, and gourds. They have very good copper and pottery. Have complex burial mounds made of wood.

Pictures of the Adena, Hopewell, and Mississippians


Arrived in 300BC. Build structures 40 feet high by 100 feet wide. Had an extensive trade network. Adena and hopewell are called mound builders.


Arrived in 800 AD. Had plants that were used as food and they increased the population.They needed more land. Had many cities with up to 10,000 people. The biggest city was Cahokia. In the center was a mound 100 feet high with a 14 acre base. Around it were 120 smaller mounds. All these settlements fell in early 1300s Ad. All influenced other civilizations through their agricultural practices with corn, beans, and mounds.