Isaiah Gerads

5 Themes of meography


Definition: There are two types of Location Absolute Location, and Relative Location

Absolute is-45.6333° N, 94.5667° W

Relative is-north west of Saint Cloud by the golf corse, just off I-94

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Places are defined by every thing in

it such as the human characteristics and the physical characteristics.

5 physical features of my home are, trees, a swamp, a hill, grass and fields by it.

5 human characteristics of my home are reddish color, carpet, a upstairs, wood stove and a kitchen.

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Human-Enviornmental Interaction

Human-Environmental Interaction is how you Adapt to, modify, and depend on your environment.

I Adapt to the environment by changing to warm clothes in the winter.

I Modify the environment by cutting the lawn.

I Depend on the environment for Air and Water.


Movement is the way people, goods, ideas move.

Transportation, I move by riding in a car.

Goods, some clothes and toys i have are from China.

Communication, I communicate with the world, my friends and parents using my phone.


A Region is defined by certain, similar and unifying characteristics.

A physical feature of the midwest is planes.

A human feature of the midwest is slang such as hot dish and pop.

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