Mustang Message

May 27, 2016

A Principal's Perspective

Wow! What a wet, cool ending to a wonderful year! Thank you for making the best of crazy weather and disappointed students not getting to play on the slides! I look forward to celebrating the final day with you tomorrow! We will start at 8:30 in the cafeteria. We will provide breakfast tacos, coffee and juice.

2016 Summer, Bring It!


0 Days????? Must be Summer!

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Morning Duties of the Week

No duties!!!

Week at a Glance

Monday-Friday: Rest, relaxation, fun, rest, relaxation, fun, rest, relaxation, fun :)

Summer Professional Development Opportunities

Comp Day Expectations:

Summer Calendar (June, July and August) with CSISD workshop links:

News & Notes

  • Throughout the summer, I will keep you informed of important information and updates on when each pod will be cleaned and ready to go. The tentative schedule is below:

May 31-June 6: 509, 600, 810, 808

June 7-June 13: 4th Grade, 407, 601, 411

June 14-June 20: 3rd grade, 307, 308

June 21-June 30: 2nd grade, 209, 210, 608, 609, 610, 612, & 613

July 1-July 8: 1st grade, 110, 207, 109

July 11-July 18: 510, 605, 606, 509, 810

July 19-July 25: Admin Offices, Nurse

July 26-Aug 1: Gym, Cafeteria

Aug 2 - Aug 8: Back Hallway Floors - No Entry

Aug 9 - Aug 16: Kindergarten Area

Aug 17-Aug 19: Front Hallway Floors

Custodial hours during the summer will be Monday-Thursday 7:00-4:30 & Friday 7:00-11:00.

  • Summer office hours beginning Monday, June 1st: Monday-Thursday 7:30-5:00, Friday 7:30-11:30

  • The GP Mustang family pictures by the cafeteria have been placed in your mailbox (if you had one). If your pictures need updating, please feel free to change it over the summer. If you like it just how it is, just place it back in Kathryn's mailbox. If you do not have one- please make one. It can be a collage format or you can do the scrapbook style page. We just need to be able to laminate it. We love our GP Staff Family Board!

  • Freezer & refrigerator clean out: Please take any items that you want to keep from the lounge refrigerators and freezers. Tuesday morning the items left will be thrown away or up for grabs so that we can clean the kitchen top to bottom. Thanks!