Keeping the Moon

"Once I believed I was beautiful, so did the world."

Plot Summary

Colie was not looking forward to spending the summer at her Aunt Mira's house, but she had no other choice since her mother was going on an European tour to promote her fitness products. Though at first Colie would have loved to just get out onto the beach she finds herself landing a job at the Last Chance Bar & Grill, where she's a waitress along side Morgan and Isabel, and becomes friend with them. She isn't sure what to do with friends, she has never had any friends because she used to be fat and moved all over the country with her mom. But at Colby, people just seem to accept her, none of them care that she used to be fat. There is also Norman, the cute guy who lives in the basement of her aunts house and who seems to like her, just because. Over the summer Morgan and Isabel help her learn a few lessons on friendship and how to love yourself for who you are.

“Being brave and self-confident doesn't necessarily start inside...It starts with the rest of the world, and it leads back to you"


Colie learns that she doesn’t need to fake it to get the right boy to like her. I loved her interactions with other people, especially with Isabel and with her aunt. They both helped her find out that she is an amazing person and she doesn’t need someone’s approval to love the person she is. Her feelings for Norman begin to grow as her friends help her learn these new lessons.

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"People just accept me here"

Reasons to Read

Keeping the Moon is full of twists and turns it has everything, the crazy aunt, the three best friends and the cute summer boy. I finished this book in about four days it was excellent and I recommend everyone who likes comedy, adventure, and romance read it.