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Weekly News for May 4 through May 9

Produced by Digital Journalism students

Edited by Abby Glen, Julian White, and Carieann Wolfe

Written by students in the Digital Journalism class

Message from Superintendent Robbie Owen

Message from the Superintendent – May 1, 2015
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Social & Emotional Learning - Bullying
Official 2015-2016 BCBE Calendar

This is the newly approved calendar option for the 2015-2016 school year. The first calendar to be approved was determined not a good fit for the business of Baldwin County. This is the option that has been approved since the second vote took place.

School News

NJHS Induction

By Julian White

Last week, a select group of 7th graders received invitations to join NJHS for their 8th grade year. They were chosen based on their grades and behavior. NJHS is the acronym for “National Junior Honor Society”. This organization helps the community by volunteering time at local events or facilities, such as Prodisee Pantry. In order to stay in NJHS, students must maintain grades averaging a 90% in each core class. Students must also maintain good behavior. There will be an induction for new members on the night of May 14. Congratulations to all upcoming NJHS members!

Dates to Note

  • Notice of a Proposed Meeting for Gifted, Wednesday, May 6 at NOON in Room 118 Parents will sign the High School Gifted Education Plan Paperwork (This meeting is for active AND inactive Gifted)
  • 5/14 NJHS Induction 6PM in the DMS Gymnasium
  • 5/4 Nettles library
  • 5/5 T. Taylor library
  • 5/6 Pendley library
  • 5/6 Just Breathe yoga (session 4) 3:15 to 4:15 in room 222 (permission slip required)
  • 5/7 Law library
  • 5/8 Madison library
  • 5/8 All library books due
  • 5 /8 Field Day
  • 5 /15 8th Honors Day 8:30 AM
  • 5 /15 7th Honors Day 1:00 PM

DMS field day!

Field day 2015 is coming up at DMS, and it is going to be better than ever! This years events include inflatables, games, concessions, and the students are more excited for Field Day then they have ever been! Field day itself will be on May 8th, 2015. We hope to see you there!

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Classroom News

7th Grade Honors Day

by Maddie Naquin and Chloe Theriot

The 7th grade Honors Day assembly will be held on May 15th at 1:00 P.M. in the Daphne Middle School gym. All 7th grade parents are welcome to attend. Students with "the highest averages" and considered by their teacher as "the most improved student" in each class will be recognized.

Lindsey: Frog dissection
Nettles: going over information for finial exam
Smith: Chapter test Tuesday
Smith Advanced: Quiz Thursday


T. Taylor: Moodle

Majewski: Quiz on Thursday

S.K. Taylor: Test on Thursday

Pendley's Students Open Pandora's Box

by Brandon Klotz and Reed Turner

This week in Ms.Pendley’s class we are creating a Pandora’s box project for Greek mythology. It is due on May 4. Student requirements follow:

Create a 3D box of Pandora.

1. Make it look attractive to the eye as if no one could resist opening it.

2. Fill it with 10 evils which personify evils in our own society.

3. Draw them or make a 3D image to signify them with eyes and wings.

4. Put one hope in it that we have in our society.

5. Write an essay about how the hope can solve the evils.

8th Grade Honors Day

by Dustin Lowe and Jack Mulkerne

On Friday, May 15, Daphne Middle School will host 8th Grade Honors Day at 8:30 A.M. in the DMS gymnasium. The ceremony will honor all students, and will include awards such as highest averages in each class. Honors Day will last about two and a half hours, depending on how many students attend. Students are allowed to leave once the ceremony is over if checked out by their parent or guardian. Parents are encouraged to attend. We hope to see everyone there!
Boone Algebra 1: Take chapter 11 test
Boone Pre-Alg: Reviewing previous chapters for exam
Law: Holocaust
Surrey: Studying The American Civilization
White: Test for Chapter 20 on Thursday


Larisey: Holocaust Unit

Madison: Reading Novel; completing discussion questions and forum posts

Waites: Foam cups, endo-thermal and expo-thermal reactions, and acids and bases

Pendley: Presenting Projects

Garafola Algebra 1: Ch. 11-5 and 9-5

Garafola Pre-Algebra: Ch. 4, 5, and 6


How to: Stay Confident

A poem by Lauren Nebe, an 8th grade student in Mrs. Madison's English Language Arts Class. This poem was part of her poetry booklet assignment and was selected because of the creative way it deals with self image.
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Career Art Enrichment Class

Students in the Career Art Enrichment Class have been busy making cards and motivational signs for the students participating in the upcoming Special Olympics!

vanGogh Inspired

Art students are learning about the various types of lines that Dutch artist, vanGogh used in his many paintings. Students are using yarn as their line to create and original work!

Sherry Bittinger

Visual Arts/Career Art Enrichment

Featured artists:

Above: Daniel Patterson

Below: Breanna Benefield, Paige Jackson, Savannah Kitts


DMS Volleyball

Congratulations to the 7th grade Volleyball Team

Rebecca Durant, Grace Gelarden, Hannah Keel, Emma Neyhart, Avery Nicholas, Jada Lim, Autumn Porter, Camille Prince, Airelle Prim, Lia Ramos, Shaniah Shaw, Taylor Ann Staab, and Jordan Vaughan

Congratulations to the 8th grade Volleyball Team
Jordan Sampson, Savannah Weed, Madison Calkins, Tyndal Godwin, Lillie Yazdi, Kamryn Reeves, Meadow Stowell, Jordan Sampson, Meadow Stowell, Shelby Sliman, and Chloe Chaffin. Manager: Jada McCollum.

DHS Volleyball

Last week, the Daphne Middle School 8th grade girls and Daphne High School girls had their first cut of tryouts. Tryouts started on Monday, April 27th, through Wednesday, April 29th. In tryouts, the girls were evaluated on their conditioning skills, serving, passing, setting, hitting, and blocking. Players went through passing drills, serving drills, scrimmaging, and several other drills to test their athletic and volleyball abilities. The second set of tryouts and cuts will be in May, when every female athlete that wants to play volleyball who is in a sport currently can tryout. Good luck to all the girls trying out, go Trojans!

DHS Swim Team

Daphne High School Swim Team tryouts are coming up on May 5th from 7:30 to 9:00 P.M. at the Eastern Shore Aquatic Center on County Road 64. Coaches Hunter and Gloria are the coaches for the team. They encourage students and athletes alike to tryout. Even if you aren’t interested in the sport for the competition, it is a great way to get conditioned for other activities. Last years team did great with over 100 swimmers on the team. If you are interested; things you should bring are a towel, a lot of water, and goggles. We hope to see you there.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe, a new Yoga Club at DMS focuses on using yoga to learn coping strategies for reducing stress and anxiety. Kenney Jackson, a certified yoga instructor, is volunteering an hour of his time for the next 3 weeks to help students focus on breathing through the hard times. Five spots are still available on a first come, first serve basis. For more information click here and email Mrs. Amanda Blake with any questions.