Eye Cancer

Taylor Farris

What Is Eye Cancer?

You may not know exactly what eye cancer is. Eye cancer is a disease that takes over your eye. Tumors take their place in the eyes, sometimes on the surface or other locations like the sclera, uvea, retina, orbit, and the adnexal structures. There are two main types of eye cancer. Intraocular melanoma cancer is one of these. It is when melanomas, spots on the eye that look like moles, form. It often develops in the uvea part of the eye (see in pictures below).

What Is The Cause?

The exact cause of most eye cancers is not known yet. However, a lot of research is being done to find out. Lifestyle would most likely be the cause of this cancer, however. If you don’t protect your eyes (with sunglasses, not using tanning beds, etc.) you can be at risk. Most DNA changes linked to cancer happen during life rather than getting it before birth. For example, recent research has shown that about 4 out of 5 eye melanomas have changes in either of 2 related genes. Other, unknown, gene changes are probably needed for these cancers to develop as well.

Any Treatments?

There are many types of treatments that patients can undergo. Here are some of the possibilities:

Who Can It Effect?

Eye cancer affects roughly the same numbers of men and women. Primary intraocular melanoma is more common in white people and less common in black people. White people can burn more from the sunlight, and this is why they are more at risk than black. People over age 50 are most likely to be diagnosed with primary intraocular melanoma. This is because of the immune system being weakened.

How To Delay Eye Cancer

Many people with eye lymphoma have no clear risk factors for this disease. For now, the best way to limit the risk of eye lymphoma is to try to avoid infection with HIV. There are things you can do that might reduce your risk of these cancers, including limiting your exposure to intense sunlight, covering up with protective hats and clothing, and using sunscreen.

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Got Info?

If you are more interested in finding out more information about eye cancer, you can visit this website.


Before my research, I hadn’t realized that the eye could actually get cancer. I wasn’t aware of the symptoms or signs of it, either. For example, having a white pupil or melanomas, something that looks like a mole on the eye, are both signs of cancer. I think it is important to do study a bit about many diseases so you know what to look for in yourself or loved ones. I learned about the importance of protecting my eyes from intense sun exposure to prevent myself from developing eye cancer. Eye cancer can be let on from not being careful about blocking out sunlight, so it is obviously a need to do as much as you can to help yourself from running into this problem. I am grateful for our technology we have today to aid those who have any type of cancer (like surgery, chemo, laser or radioactive therapy).