February '16 Newsletter

The Soaring Eagles ( Unit No. 0132)

First and foremost, let's celebrate our success last month! We breakthrough the highest production record for our unit! With 10,448psp unit production in Jan 2016! Definitely a great start for the year!

It Began With a Dream.

Mary Kay Ash created a company to enrich women’s lives. Committed to the philosophy of God first, family second, and career third, her business plan is built upon the Golden Rule, and her belief was that women could, and should achieve their dreams. This company was begun with the purpose of giving women the opportunity to use their God-given talents to the fullest extent.

Vision of soaring eagles

  • To work in partnership with others to enhance/improve the quality of their skin and to provide Best Service to them with the intention of improving their confidence and quality of life.

  • Continuous improvements through problem sharing and focus groups

  • Leaders to groom Leaders, unleash and maximize each individual's potential

  • People and Love over profit and loss

One great thing about Mary Kay is that you’ll always have the freedom to move at your own pace! Being a new Elite Entrepreneur has its perks! We have systems already in place to help you get your business started off with a bang – take advantage of them!

Stay connected with our Weekly Success Meetings: Held every week! We have facial training, recognition, business training, personal development training & FUN to help you build a successful & profitable business. So bring guests every week for facials and our weekly success meetings!

Steps to get started:

1. Attend NCO (new consultant orientation) and ESRS (Essential Steps to reach success)

2. 30 Faces in 30 Days

3. Weekly Plan Sheets

Each new consultant finds their first Mary Kay buddy in their first 30 days and you can too!!! This is the person you LIKE A LOT that you will do your business with, travel with, learn with, and sleep with! We get promoted by helping others to success!!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? To get to where you want to be in the next five years, you are either reading the right books or you're not. You're either engaged in the disciplines or you're not. But here's what we don't want to engage in: disillusion. Hoping without acting. Wishing without doing.

The key is to look and say, "Where am I? What could I do to make the changes to ensure that I can take more certain daily steps toward the treasure I want, the mental treasure, the personal treasure, the spiritual treasure, the financial treasure? I don't want to make any more errors, now's the time to adjust my daily program to take me where I want to go." The key is to start right now making these changes to walk this new road. Just a few daily disciplines makes a great deal of difference. And before you know it, you will be walking a brand new road.

From your sales director,


I can be contacted at 9781 6426

Find me on Facebook - CHERYL YL

Feb 2016 challenges for our unit

350 psp - get makeup pouch/limited edition swarovski crystal hairclip

600psp - get free limited edition peach pop worth $20 from me!

600psp + min 1 new active recruits - get free lipmask worth $24

800psp + min 2 new active recruits - get bamboo lotus body scrub worth $35

1200psp + min 3 active recruits - get 1 free tube of vitamin c++ serum

Achievers, pls collect your gifts from me during our 1st unit meeting of the month, tentatively on 5 March 2016 (sat)

Let's welcome our new consultants in January 2016!

LIANG YAHUI (Congrats to Xiuting, enriched another woman's life)

JULIANA BINTE KHADIR (Congrats to Jackie, enriched another woman's life)

JOCELYN SIEW FOONG WAH (Congrats to Xiuting, enriched another woman's life)

VIVIEN HOE (recruited by Cheryl)

Achievers In Jan 2016!

Court Of Sales (Jan 2016)

1200psp and above


600psp and above





350psp and above






Court Of Sharing (Jan 2016)

NEO XIU TING - RJU (recruited 2 new BC in Jan 2016)

JACKIE SOONG - Senior consultant (recruited 1 new BC in Jan 2016)

Congratulations in moving up your career path! You've impacted live around you!

Open classes (makeup and skincare)

4-Feb 7pm Thur Full Makeup with strobing and blending techniques

6-Feb 3pm Sat Valentine Day Make up

11-Feb 7pm Thur How to Contour Everything

15-Feb 7pm Mon Basic Skincare & How to get your makeup done in 15min

18-Feb 7pm Thur Soft Korean Makeup + skincare

27-Feb 7pm Sat Eyespa + spring makeup look

Trainings and unit meetings

2-Feb 7pm Tue New Consultant Orientation (NCO)

2-Feb 7pm Tue Be a marykay woman

6-Feb 11.30am Sat Unit Meeting (1st unit meeting of Feb)

16-Feb 7pm Tue How to prepare great istory. People connect to you.

16-Feb 7pm Tue Acne Training by Kimmie

17-Feb 7pm wed Bee-Connected
- company updates. Achievers sharing their success and how they do it.

20,21 Feb Sat. Sun ESRS [ Essential Steps To Reach Success]

23-Feb 7pm Tue Be a skincare expert + product training

29-Feb 7pm Mon Roadmap to NSD

Mary Kay Ash said, “school is never out for the pro.” Education remains an essential part of what we do and what we stand for in Mary Kay today. Our education and mentoring program is second to none, and we pride ourselves in our ability to train and coach women to success.

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Great promoting ideas!

Limited Edition Lip & Cheek Stick

With just 1 tiny stick, I'm able to add colours to my cheek as blusher and compatible lip colour. I love how convenient Marykay has made makeup so easy and simple! No more hassle of bringing around lots of bulky cosmetics in my touch up and travel pouches!

Melecep Ultimate Serum

This is the best deal offered so far from Marykay! See great improvement in skin luminosity and reduction in skin discolouration with this best selling serum! Grab this bundle now to secure your whole year of skin luminosity treatment set! Smart consumer would want to get it together with entire Melecep skincare series this month!

Peach Handset

All ladies favourite 24-hour moisturization in a delightful peach scent! Having crack heels and rough hands? This luxurious 3-steps solution is something you'd like to indulge to achieve renewed soft heels and hands which you'd definitely love! Best gift idea to pamper your mum and love ones who are doing lots of housework and labour!

"Be sure you take advantage of what the experts have to offer. Whatever you need - information, encouragement, motivation, advice - don't hesitate to turn to those who have the knowledge and experience to guide you" - Mary Kay Ash

Some memories of activities in the past 1 month

Birthday Babies in Feb!!!

Chang Meng Hsia - 8 Feb

Shen Yuan Serene - 27 Feb