High School Highlights


October 12-18, 2015

A New Look to the Newsletter

As you can see, we are trying out a new format for our weekly newsletter. This was created using www.smore.com It is a free (although you can upgrade if you wish) web-based tool that can easily generate, flyers, presentations, newsletters and class course assignments. If you are looking for a different way to present your ideas, I highly encourage you to give it a try. Remember, the brain loves novelty!

The First Six Weeks' Dashboard was forwarded to you last night. Please be sure to review that with your campus leadership team, analyze it and make any adjustments necessary. If there is anything I can assist with, please let me know. One of my goals is to provide support to each campus in the way each campus needs or wants that support.

You will see last week's attendance below. Remember, the year's goal for high schools is 93.3%. If your school is not where you want them to be, now is the time to act and create or solidify the systems to get as many students in class as often as possible.

Heads Up on Upcoming Discussions: At the next principal's meeting some of the topics we will be discussing are:

  • Literacy: What structures and practices can teachers have in place?
  • Law change: School year based on the number of minutes in school, not days
  • Showcases for incoming 9th graders - possibly hosting a North and a South Day
  • Student Sharing 2.0: Where do we go from here?
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Mendez's Memo

Don’t forget to bring a gift for your B-day Buddy. We are celebrating August, September, and October. If you need a reminder or ideas, contact me. We will also have more information for SXSW coming to you in October and November. We want to make sure we present THE BEST of AISD!!! We will be working more closely with CTE and the middle schools this year. We will share this information with you at the meeting or in upcoming emails/texts/newsletters.

I will also be scheduling graduation meetings with principal and graduation contact. This will happen before the end of first semester. We will review your commencement program and review deadlines, especially for the program. This will help the High School Office understand your program and ensure the Erwin Center is aware.

Reminders from the Previous Principal's Weekly

See the email from Edmund Oropez for details

  • Create a Gallop Poll for Feedback from Your Students
  • Vote on the 2016-2017 Calendar (Link Below in this Newsletter)
  • Let's Talk AISD Launches (Link Below in this Newsletter
  • National Gardening Grant Application is Due Dec 1
  • Vertical team Application for 2016-17 Creative Learning Initiative is Due Dec 1

Have You Conducted Your Required Drills?

We have all heard about the latest tragedies at educational institutions across the country. We can prevent some emergencies with constant supervision and monitoring. For those we cannot prevent, ensuring everyone (staff and students) know what to do in the event an emergency arises can save lives. Be sure to practice fire drills, lock-downs and other procedures periodically.
Links You Want to View:

Professional Development Opportunities

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Weekly Calendar

Oct. 12-18 , 2015


  • 6:30 Board Dialogue


  • Volley games Everywhere!!!
  • 6:00 BAC Meeting: Boardroom


  • PSAT Testing! Good Luck Everyone


  • No Place for Hate Applications Due
  • 5:30 - 6:30 Information/Feedback Session for the Campus Administrator Performance Review (CAPR) @ Boardroom


  • Good Luck Volleyball and Football Teams


  • 9:30 am Hopefest @ Reagan High School

Upcoming Dates:

* 10/21 Principal's Meeting (UT Club)

* 10/22 Late Start

* 11/11 Veteran's Day Parade..... Is your school participating?