Starting the Lesson - Ch. 5

Visible Learning for Teachers (Hattie, 2012)

Supportive Climate

  • The climate in the classroom is one of the most important factors in promoting student learning
  • Creating a climate that is positive, caring, and respectful is a precursor to learning
  • In schools where a high level of trust exists between the adults there is a greater improvement on standardized tests
  • Mistakes and errors should be recognized as an essential part of the learning process

Less Talk, More Listening

  • Teachers talk 70%-80% of the time however most of the talk produces low engagement
  • The more challenging, relevant, and engaging the lesson is, the more the students are talking
  • Teachers who listen are able to learn about student's prior understanding and it shows humility
  • By listening, teachers show they value deep communication and are concerned about more than just transmitting knowledge.

The Role of Peers

  • The effect of peers on learning is high
  • Research shows that cooperation has a more powerful impact on student learning than individualistic learning and competitive learning, however it must be structured effectively
  • Tutoring is an effective form of peer learning with equally positive effects for both tutor and tutee
  • Students must first learn surface knowledge before being engaged in a structured conversation with their peers.


  • Teachers who view their role as an evaluator and activator are able to focus on their impact on all students and quality outcomes
  • Educators need to continuously evaluate the impact of their teaching on learning
  • The evidence of action should influence teachers' beliefs about learning, planning, and motivation