By: Sophie Jones

Parents should be required to vaccinate their children

Parents should be required to vaccinate their children because vaccines can help fight against harmful diseases. They help your immune system, insure protection and help with many other things too. "There have reports about 6,000 different side effects. The medical risk from the MMR disease is minuscule compared with the complications from measles" Marc Siegel.


  • Create better immune system
  • 2006 cases of measles were non-existent
  • "six years after the vaccinations was introduced, the number was 1,312 --98% reduction" Marc Siegel
  • fights off many different viruses
  • insure best protection


  • 6,000 different side effects to measles
  • threaten health of children
  • "no legal right to file non-medical vaccine exemptions" Amanda Paulsen

"In order to provide the best protection against diseases it is recommended that infants and children receive vaccinations as soon as their immune systems are sufficiently developed" ProQuest