The Trade Pages

By Caz Schultz and Harold Bergner

Top Seven Most Valuable Trade Items

1. Persian Rugs (around 4 mina of gold)

2. Silk (around 3 mina of gold)

3. Jewelry (around 1 mina of gold)

4. Wine (around 20 mina of silver)

5. Weapons (around 10 mina of silver)

6. Wheat (around 7 mina silver a bushel)

7. Barley (around 6 mina of silver a bushel)

The Rugs are Here!

People it has happened; Babylon has just received largest shipment of Persian rugs in Mesopotamian history! These rugs were received yesterday evening by ship. These are the finest shipment of rugs you've ever seen! In total their was 4000 rugs shipped to Babylon. If you want a look at these rugs go down to the bottom floor of the Babylonian ziggurat.

Ship Workers Needed

Hi, my name is Alha-rab and I am a Assyrian merchant looking for help to look over my crops. I need about 7 people to look over my crops that are being shipped from Sumer to Egypt. I am looking for three strong men to help me load crops on and off the boat, one educated scribe, and three people who no a lot about crops. We will pay 10 mina of silver each way. If you are interested come to the Akkadian central market place and look for Alha-rab's Trading Facilities.

The Merchant Convention

Thursday, Nov. 14th, 12-6pm

Next to the Babylon Ziggurat

Calling all merchants! A merchant convention is being held next to the Babylonian ziggurat. We will be discussing trade routes, trading items, and we will be discussing how to avoid bandits while on trade routes. We hope to see you there!

Crop Count

This year in Sumer we have accumulated 10000 bushels of crops this year. They plan to keep 5000 bushels of crops and store 1000 bushels of crops. With their 4000 remaining bushels they will trade with other city-states. From our inside sources we think they are planning on trading them for very high prices.

Egyptian Merchants Robbed!

A new report states that a big group of about 60 Egyptian merchants have been robbed by Assyrian bandits. They were robbed of wheat, barley, and clothes. They were traveling from Babylon back to Egypt. All the merchants have been enslaved in Assyria. Let's stand up to those bandits by traveling in larger groups.

Ship For Sale

Hi my name is Handu-kanish and I am selling my slightly used ship. It is a large cargo ship with a top speed of over 10 miles per hour! With an expertly builded hull it is designed to go super fast without the bumps. It is also has a lot of covered storage space to than can be used to preserve and protect valuable items. I f you want to get away from trouble in style come down to the Babylonian port on the Euphrates river.

Prices of Gold and Silver are Going Up!

People it is happening; prices of gold and silver are going up. This means that the average silver coin can buy you a lot more than it originally could. This phenomenon is going on throughout the entire Mesopotamian area. We think this sudden rise of price is a result of running low on gold and silver. Since more and more people are mining their is less gold and silver to mine. So if you can get your hands on gold or silver, save and it will be worth a lot more.

Top Seven Most Popular Crops in Mesopotamia

1. Wheat (about 300,000 bushels this year)

2. Barley (about 220,000 bushels this year)

3. Grapes (about 210,000 bunches this year)

4. Apples (about 160,000 bunches this year)

5. Lettuce (about 120,000 bushels this year)

6. Cucumbers (about 100,000 bunches this year)

7. Onions (about 87,000 bunches this year)

Top Five Richest Merchants This Year

1. Nabho-kab (200 mina of gold this year)

2. Juni-roha (196 mina of gold this year)

3. Kalum-amid (112 mina of gold this year)

4. Sambi-kolim (467 mina of silver this year)

5. Joah-mambo ( 324 mina of silver this year)