Room 216 News

The February Freeze

Hope You Are Warm!

Well, this unexpected break is turning into a mini-vacation. I certainly hope families are taking the time to make memories as childhood only happens once. There are a few items I want to bring to everyone's attention.

Recent Midyear Tests: On Monday at school the entire faculty met to discuss our progress at mid year. The trends seem to suggest that the students are doing well in both reading and math on a daily basis, but that our stamina for testing may be lagging. While I don't know anyone who loves the "tests," they are a measurement tool for our children and our schools. The results do matter collectively. That said, the most important item for our class--our children--is to ensure the best effort is put forth while testing. I use the results to drive which lessons are created and delivered post-test. There will be reading and math tests at the end of the third quarter. Please support your child by ensuring good rest and nutrition habits are in place prior to testing. Also, extended relaxation after the tests would be wise as the events can be exhausting for some.

Schedule Changes: In anticipation of the inclement weather, the 5th grade teachers discussed a change to the science/social studies rotation. The science units will end on next Tuesday NOT this Friday. (Each teacher will abbreviate the hands on portions of the units while ensuring all content is presented.) Remember to use as a tool for study. The password is ACPS. This site has games, study guides, and other materials for all 5th grade content units. Our class is currently in the ocean unit with Mrs. Morris. The test will be Tuesday.

Supplies: We must have a pencil eating monster in room 216! It is amazing how fast our supplies have depleted this year. Please have your child check his or her backpack for orphaned pencils and return them to the sharpening cup. Thank you!

Middle School Recommendations: Remember to sign up for the Parent Portal if you have not already done so as this will be your primary avenue to see the recommendations. The teachers will make recommendations sometime later this month. After the administration works with the data, the portal will be open. Parent overrides follow if needed.

Parent Portal Time

Have you picked up your parent portal access letter yet? If you would like to have access to your child’s lunch balance, attendance, schedule, and you have not picked up your access ID and password, we have it in the front office. In the near future, this access will also allow you to view your child’s grades and progress reports. We have to verify your identity and signature of receipt is required so please bring your driver’s license with you. This access greatly enhances your participation in scheduling your student's sixth grade experience!

Dates to Remember

Feb. 23rd - Bee Spring Class Registration

Feb. 24th - Ocean Science Test

Feb. 25th - Social Studies Rotation Starts
Feb. 26th - Variety Show for Parents

Mar. 10th - Spring Class/Individual Pictures