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January 2016

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Peace, Console, Motivation, Cheer, Forgive, Passion

The Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

DōTerra introduced an Emotional Aromatherapy Kit in October 2015 that is incredible! It is based upon extensive scientific research and trials. We own it, and speaking from personal experience, it is remarkable. Kyle and I teach essential oil classes on the basics of essential oils and how to use them, but we also teach "201" classes for people incorporating them into their lives and health more extensively. Within that, there are specific topics covered. One of these is emotional health. It is one that people are vastly interested in. I have always been a "student" and huge fan of Dr. Caroline Leaf. Dr. Leaf has extraordinary credentials, and is world renowned for her research and study of emotional health in conjunction with physical health. I am including a link to her website here: www.drleaf.com. I have seen her speak and have read her books, and now use her theories in part while teaching about essential oils. I cannot teach an entire class in this newsletter, but the research is irrefutable on how your emotional health is greatly impacted by and IMPACTS your physical health!! I have personal testimony on how events of life and a time of prolonged and "unnatural" amount of life stress affected my health in a serious way. I know others do too. In our day to day lives, even without major emotional stress, we are still affected by so many stressors that reek havoc on our immune systems. We'd love for you to attend a class ANYTIME! I am including links to several sources that are helpful in the scientific "proof" that I am sure we are all looking for:)

HAPPY New Year!!!

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