Mount Rushmore

Ayanna Perreira

Black Hills

Mount Rushmore is the most known monument in the U.S. The four presidents are carved into the mountain. George Washington, Theodore Rosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln are carved into the mountain for a memorial.

Mount Rushmore was built in Black Hill, South Dakota. It was finished on October 4th, 1927. The whole project cost the U.S. $989,992,032. On average, Mount Rushmore hosts nearly 3 million visitors a year. In 2005, the memorial received its first cleaning.

Thomas Jefferson,Theodore Rosevelt, George Washington, and Abraham LIncoln are carved into MOunt Rushmore. THe monument is 60 feet. high. Workers Have to climb 506 steps to reach the top. Also the presidents noses are 20 feet. long their mouths are 18 feet wide.

Gustzon and Lincoln Borglum are the architects of Mount Rushmore. They constructed it because they wanted to build memorial design the ideals of the U.S. That make this a great country. It took 14 years and 400 men to carve the mountain. Over 800 million pounds of stone was removed from the montain during the construction . Workers even carved 90% of the monument and blew up the other 10%. Also the sets,aged erosion rate is 1 inch every 10,000 years. Plus Rushmore's granite faces tower over 5,500 feet above sea level.

Carving Mount Rushmore was a group project. Borglum is given the credit for sculpting Mount Rushmore, but there were many more artists besides him creating this monument. Borglum had a team of artists that had to have the same goal and vision as he did to bring out Borglums vision of creating and blasting this monumental task.

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