Health Benefits of Roller Skating

Varshini Suresh


  • Inquiry Question:
The Question I was trying to answer was how does Roller Skating Impact our body?
  • Reason:

I chose this topic because I have a passion for roller skating. I wanted to let others know the benefits roller skating has on your body.

  • Mentor:

My mentor was my skating coach she helped me understand how skating impacted our body.

  • Process:

I used websites that talked about health and checked out what the had to say about roller skating. I used multiple websites and had a conversation with my skating coach.

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My community Impact was to create a S'more and share it with the P.E coaches.


Cardiovascular is when an exercise raises your heartbeat. Cardiovascular helps make your muscles stronger. Cardiovascular exercises help make your heart stronger.

Cardiovascular exercises benefit you by...

  • Making your heart and lungs strong
  • Lose weight
  • Reduces Stress
  • Better sleep
  • reduces the chance of heart diseases
The american heart association recognizes roller skating as an effective exercise that helps strengthen the heart

cardio: Heart


Your arms and core get a workout when you try to balance your body. Skating helps you balance by using abdominal and lower back muscles.

Improves Endurance

Roller Skating helps increase muscle endurance.

This cause your body’s energy to store more.Which means you can do longer sessions and challenging workouts without getting exhausted.

Endurance: to Remain Active for a long time

Low Joints

Skating provides you with fluid motion that keeps you from damaging your joints. Skating also makes your legs strong.


Roller Skating is ranked best aerobic exercise according to the American Heart Association and the President’s council on physical fitness.

Roller Skating is equivalent to jogging and bicycling as a cardio workout

After the Product

  • Reflection:

This project helped me learn the benefits of skating. Before, I knew that skating helped our body, but this project showed me how skating helped our body.

  • Further Questions:

Where did roller skating originate from?

Where was the first championships held?