Stop! Handwashing is practiced here

The importance of washing your hands

How to wash your hands correctly...

Here are steps on how to wash your hands.

*Wet your hands

*Put soap on your hands and lather them together

*Rinse soap off for 20 seconds

*Dry your hands for 10 seconds

What are germs?

Germs are a small mass of living substance capable of developing into an organism or one of it's parts. Germs can be found on objects that people touch, like dirty places.

When to wash your hands...

*Finish using the bathroom

*Changing a diaper

*Blowing your nose

*Finish eating

*After touching animals

*After visiting a sick person

Why should you wash your hands?

*It keeps hands healthy

*It helps prevent sickness

*It can help prevent disease spreading some common diseases are Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV is a frequent cause of respiratory tract infection.

Rhinovirus is the most common virus causing colds in children and adults.