Polyphemus Facts

- Son of Poseidon, god of the sea, and Thoosa, a nymph.

- He loved Galatea, a sicilian Nereid, But sadly she never loved him back.

- Galatea fell in love with another man named Acis and Polyphemus smashed him with a rock and killed him.

- Polyphemus was shepherd on the island of Sicily.

- Played a big role in the Odysseus

People in Polyphemus Life

How was Polyphemus related to the Odyssey

Odysseus and his men were on there voyage home from the trojan war they discovered the island of sicily.They dicovered came across a cave full of fine meats and drinks. As they were eating away Polyphemus returned home and discovered them. he asked for his name Odysseus said his name was no man. He shut the cave up with a large stone so they couldn't escape. Then he took two of Odysseus men and ate them.The next morning he did the same thing. That day they made a plan that they would get Polyphemus to drink wine and pass out drunk. As he was drunk they would Stab his eye with a burning stake. The plan worked and has it happened Polyphemus shouted "No man is Hurting me!', and no one bothered to help. The next day Odysseus and his men tied themselves to the bottom of Polyphemus sheep witch he brought in and out of his cave everyday and ran towards there shit. The blind Polyphemus tried to sink there ship with rocks but failed. As they sailed away Odysseus shouted " You have been defeated by the mighty Odysseus!" Polyphemus they prayed to his father , Poseidon, To revenge him and Poseidon called him all the way and turned his short journey home into a 10 year adventure.


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