Learning About New Literacies

IND 403: New Literacy for New Learning

Applications to the real world and the classroom

Flyer to share information with others

A space to collaborate and finalize group projects

Easy to use and engaging

Easy to read

Use of Social Media

Bringing social media into the classroom has two purposes. On one level, it becomes a tool for engaging students in traditional curricular goals. If we look at it from another lens, however, as bringing the classroom into the social media platform, then it also becomes a place where educators and students can begin to deconstruct and analyze what it means to be a reader and writer in these spaces (Moline, 2012). When approached from both perspectives, learning is enriched all around. Using digital medias helps students to connect their out of school learning and interacting with the curriculum.

"The vocabulary of what it means to read and write is expanding." (Heather Casey)