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Week of May 2nd - Living History!

Living History Museum - Wednesday, May 4th!

On Wednesday, May 4th students need to come to school prepared to give their speech as their Hero. Students must have one prop or article of clothing to represent their Hero. A full costume is optional. The 3rd grade museum will be open for all to view from 8:55 – 10:50. We recommend parents come in early as it gets quite busy later in the morning. (you may come to the classroom when the bell rings and we will open the door as soon as the students are set and ready.)

We will be practicing our speeches and video-recording them on Monday and Tuesday, May 2nd and 3rd in class. Optional: If your student would like to bring in their prop or item of clothing for practice and video, please send it in on May 2nd.

We are excited about this enriching project and hope to see you at the Museum on May 4th!

Here is a checklist for final run through evaluations.

Journey North Mystery Classes Revealed!

We did it! We found all 10 Mystery Class locations around the world!

Journey North Reveal

Our teams worked hard all year exploring sunlight and seasons and how daylight (photoperiod) changes at different latitudes.

Through all their clues they found all 10 Mystery Class locations. On Friday we will learn more about each location and the people who have been giving us the clues.

I added their beginning info to this map and we will add more details.

Room 311 - Journey North Map

Journey North The Big Reveal

Note and Reminders

  • May 4th - Living History Museum
  • May 7th - Global Codeathon
  • May 13th - Breakfast with Books - Kate DiCamillo
  • May 27th - Flag Salute: AR Awards & Student of the Month
  • June 6th - June 10th - 3rd Grade State Testing - Link to Resources
  • June 10th - Final AR Deadline
  • June 15th - 3rd Grade AR Extra Recess
  • June 16th - Field Trip - San Diego Zoo
  • June 17th - Flag Salute - Soaring Eagle Award, AR Awards

Please click here to access our full calendar

Global Codeathon at SEES!

Global Codeathon Info

A Coding Workshop for 2nd-5th Grade Students

May 7th 2016

9:30am to 12:00pm @ the San Elijo Elementary Library

Scratch Day with the Global Codeathon is a global network of events that celebrates Scratch — and the young people who code and create with it. During Scratch Day, kids gather to share projects and learn from one another.

Register your child at to receive a copy of the permission slip.

Kid Blog Posts - Please Comment

Please read some of our posts and add comments. Our kids love reading feedback, especially positive, specific feedback.

BYOD Starts this Week

This week begins our time without our 1:1 devices. We will use students' BYOD and our class ipads to continue to have access to AR, Lexia, and our blogs.

If your student is bringing in a device, please remind them to charge it each evening. They need to bring it directly to class in the morning and use it only for class educational activities.

We will continue to have access to our 7 class ipads (thanks to parent donations and Donor's Choose) and will most likely have two laptops also.

If you are able to have your student bring in a device for their personal use, please see the info below. We will need the Permission Form filled and submitted to the principal.

Students bringing in personal devices will be asked to bring them directly to class and not leave them unattended outside in backpacks. We will keep them in class and send home each day for charging. If you have any questions, please let me know.

3rd Grade State Testing - Week of June 6th-10th

We will be practicing for the Smarter Balanced State Testing in the next few weeks. Students and parents are also able to review the practice test website at home. We will be mostly getting comfortable with the way the website works and the vocabulary used in the testing.

In class, we will continue to learn and practice the standards required for 3rd grade.

If you have some time, please go to the testing Practice site. Click Here

Click on "Go to the Tests". There is no login needed for the practice tests, just leave it a Guest in all blanks. Try a few problems to see what they are like and have your child try some too. Discuss what they could do to help solve the problem.

Class Donations Wish List

Ongoing needs and wishes