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Afghanistan is a country. A country is a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory either land locked or surrounded by bodies of water and has an expanse of land.


Afghanistan is located on earth, Asia and the middle-east. It’s a locked country and Afghanistan’s neighboring countries are Iran East of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan North west, Uzbekistan North, Tajikistan North east and Pakistan south of Afghanistan. All of these countries are land locked and the closest sea to Afghanistan is the Arabian Sea. The states of Afghanistan are Kabul also known as the capital city), Kandahar, Herat etc. and they call these states provinces.

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Afghanistan’s population is 34,663,012 people and is still increasing today. There are 17932063 males and 16730949 females which are also increasing rapidly. The biggest city in Afghanistan is Baghlan province. There are many languages such as Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Islam, Arabic etc. and the beliefs are Muslim, Sunni Islam, Sikhs and Hindus but mainly Sunni Islam and Islamic. Afghanistan follows the Koran and that is an origin of Ali.




Afghanistan’s Mountain Climates are above tree line and there is the Semiarid Climates Lowlands which is less than twenty inches of rain, Afghanistan has two seasons, summer and winter, summer’s max is 49 degrees and winter’s max is 9 degrees. Afghanistan’s months in the two seasons are: summer, April, May, June, July, August and September, winter: March, April, October and November.

Afghanistan’s environment and landscapes in most parts are desert plains or just plains filled with short green or dark green grass. Most desert colours in the country are just light pale yellow. There are mountain ranges (slope or steep) with grey hard rocks and caves. The country side (on most parts) are flat with tusks of grass.


Afghanistan’s fauna are Lynxes, Bears, Foxes, Wild dogs, Mongooses, Jerboas, and Asses etc. A Lynx is a type of carnivore which is also a medium sized cat that has thick fur and has pointy ears. On most lynxes, their colour is grey and white. Afghanistan has Mongooses which look like meerkats and ferrets but its eyes are dark and small, it also has two sharp teeth or more. Another animal a Jerboa is a tiny rat with long skinny legs and tiny arms. It also has huge ears to hear predators. The origins of it are the family of Dipodies.


Afghanistan’s floras are Rues, Wormwood, and Asafoetida etc. There are 300 plants in Afghanistan and some of them are used for medicine. A Rue looks like a bush filled with flowers and native to the Balkan Peninsula. Wormwood is also like a little bush which grows from a green bush to a little bark plant if more are around the one and grows green leaves and yellow petals.

Significant sites

Afghanistan has some significant sites such as the Blue Mosque and the Babur Tomb. The Blue Mosque is located in the centre of the Marzar and it resembles with history the invasion of Genghis Khan the Mongolian. The Babur Tomb is located at the capital city, Kabul, and it was made for the constructions of all gardens in Kabul. There is also the Herat citadel which is at the centre of Citadel and has its own history of a battle with Alexander the great

Interesting Facts

Afghanistan has some interesting facts, one of them is that the country’s national sport is goat chasing while on a horse back, the Taliban band many rights for women, oil paint was first painted in Afghanistan not Europe and Afghani is the currency not the people.