State Facts

New York, New Mexico, Alaska

New York

Capital: Albany

Nickname:The Empire State

Date of Statehood:July 26,1788

State flower:Rose

State bird: Eastern Blue bird

State tree: Acer Saccharum

3 Interesting Facts: The first american chess tournament was held in New York, New York has 727 miles of a subway track

3 Tourist Attractions: The Empire State Building ,Statue of Liberty,Times Square

New mexico

Capital: Santa Fe

Nickname: Land Of Enchantment

Date of Statehood: January 6,1912

State Flower: Yucca Glauca

State bird: Greater Roadrunner

State Tree: Pinyon pine

3 interesting facts: Santa Fe is the highest in the usa at 7,000 feet above sea level,1/4 of New Mexico is forested, Yucca flower is used to make rope

3 tourist attractions:

By: Sierra Lockett