Gateway digital project!

By: Grace Moore

Clothes from the past👗👖

In the past, clothes looked and were worn in very different ways. Their styles have been modified and things have also been completely wiped out! Women used to wear long straight dresses that were cream colors or dyed by berries. Today we use that same method, but we just use things like fabric ink rather than berries. Men would wear rap around skirts that tied in the front, and that ties it up for them! Since the weather conditions in Egypt were so hot they were smart and wore not very heavy things to prevent getting over heated.

Kids Rules👶

Kids in ancient Egypt fallowed these rules for their clothing.

1. If they were under the age of 6 they were not in titled to wear any clothes.

2. If they were over the age of 6 they were considered an adult and wore the same clothes that their parents wore.

Make up💄

Make was a big hit in Ancient Egypt. Women and Men wore make up. Women’s make up would mainly consist of teals and blues on their upper eyes. Then they would use dark blacks for eyeliner. Finally they would use henna dye for their lip stick. For men they wore shimmery blues on their under eyes and dark thick eyeliners. That sums up Ancient Egypt make up!

Present Styles and Looks🌾

Today, things have changed mostly, from things like makeup to clothes. Today we wear things like blue jeans, crop tops, and high heels. If you were to take that as an outfit and compare it to a picture or painting from what people used to wear you would see a HUGE difference. Present looks contain bolder fuller looks. Those are our present looks.


There are many things that could happen in the future. Some things we leave to the scientist but other things we can make up our own guess, like what clothes will look like. Many people feel very divers about this topic. You could most likely sit down 20 people and have them talk about what styles they think there will be in the future and I bet they will all have a different mind sets and opinions. Who knows, some people may see us wearing the same things and others may see use wearing robot suits!