News From Room 301

4th Grade

Spelling News

The children continue to master new phonics skills weekly. They work very hard at mastering these skills through centers. The children actively participate at centers and really enjoy them. The favorite center this week was fix the mistake and hangman. One will see a new component on the spelling test. The children will be presented with incorrect sentences. They will have to use their skills learned to fix the sentence. This grade will be another component of their spelling grade.

Math News

The children have been working diligently to master new skills. We continue to practice multiplication and division daily. The children have been introduced to area and perimeter. They got the hang of it quickly. They have begun their unit of fraction study. This skill will take time. Last week, they worked on writing fractions and identifying equivalent fractions. They will continue to work on equivalent fractions this week as well as being introduced to reducing fractions. Look in the folder for extra practice.