A year to remember


biggest entertainment stories of 2015

Caitlyn Jenner
no one can argue that the transition from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner was the top story/news of the 2015 year. there was articles, interviews, and she even won Woman Of The Year for 2015.
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Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, one of the most famous actors of his time. was everywhere in the news, as more and more women spoke out about their experiences with Cosby. in 2015 Pennsylvania's Montgomery county charged Cosby with three counts of sexual assault in the Andrea Constand case.
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Donald Trump

Donald Trump is currently in the running for Republican candidate to run for US President. there have been many memes and different jokes centered around Trump and his malicious statements.
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Biggest Sports Stories Of 2015

Deflategate and Tom Brady


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots took a bunch of heat after a report came out that stated the team used purposely deflated balls during the AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. Tom Brady was rumored to have known about it and when asked to see his phone he smashed and destroyed is phone which was a suspicious act. this later led to a four-game suspension for the star QB, but would not be held up in court and his suspension was gone. the patriots are currently the no.2 seed in the playoff race and are looking to win back to back superbowls with a huge chip on their shoulders.
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manny pacquiao vs floyd mayweather

this was the most anticipated fights in history since Muhammed Ali was boxing. seat were sold out instantly and the tickets that were available were so expensive. the fight broke many box records for viewers, grossed money, etc. Floyd may-weather won in an intense long fight that saw Pacquiao miss around 400 punches and while he fought with a torn rotator cuff he still kept it close with Floyd.
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What happened with FIFA?

FIFA president Sepp Blatter had been caught for money laundering in the world of soccer, he was only the eight president of FIFA. he was suspended and forced to step down after allegations rose.
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best inventions of 2015

apple watch, the hoverboard. the Apple watch was apples newest technology to launch. its a watch mixed with and ipod and phone. its basically everything you need in a small portable watch. the hoverboard is a whole new invention. it allows the user to skim across the ground like a segway with no handle bars. a lot of them have been recalled for catching fire and being a safety hazard to own. but if they can fix this issue all i can see in the future is people on hoverboards.

worst inventions of 2015

what a surprise but the hoverbaord also belongs in this category. not only is this a safety hazard, it discourages exercise and will make the lazy USA even more unhealthy and lazy.
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top two movies of 2015

this one has to be obvious right? you guessed it, star wars: the force awakens is your number 1 movie of 2015. even though it came out recently this movie is shattering records around the box office for movies. the other top movie is the revenant with Leonardo Di caprio. one look at the trailer and i knew this was going to be a hit in the theaters. i think this will even get DiCaprio his first but well deserved oscar award.

top two artists of 2015

drake and Justin Bieber are my top two artists of 2015. drake had so many hot songs come out this year including hotline bling, his meek mill diss track, and an album with future. Justin Bieber came out with his own new album too, he hadnt come out with an album in a while and this was just what he and his fans needed. this album had many songs on the top charts for many many weeks.

five influential public figures of 2015

1. Odell Beckham Jr.- his rise to stardom was like no other, now seen as the golden boy of the NFL he is already being tagged as one of the best receivers in the league.

2. Kanye West- he won so many awards at this years shows and gave a memorable speech about how he will run for president in 2020.

3. Donald Trump- while still in the running for re[ublican candidate, his views are seen as morally wrong by many people in the public but is still influences more and more people with every speech.

4. Caitlyn Jenner- probably the most influential for all women around the world this year for her brave procedure to change gender and inspire many people.

5. Kobe Bryant- in his last year in the NBA, with each game passing he is becoming more and more influential to the players and even the fans. while hes at an away game the home crowd will still cheer against their home team to support Kobe in his last year in the league, he will go down as a top 10 player in NBA history.

new years resolutions for me

1. to improve my activity in my community and local areas

2. to be more of a kind person to my family mostly

3. to reach all As for one quarter this year