Wilson Weekly

Week of August 12th, 2019

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Action Items

  • Staff Selfie- Thank you to those who have put your selfie in the folder. If you haven;’t had a chance to do so, please make sure to drop your selfie in the folder by Monday! The button for the folder is below.
  • Dismissal Spreadsheet - Prior to the end of the first day, please add your learners to our 19-20 Dismissal Spreadsheet (linked below).
  • 504 Plans - Be on the lookout for learner 504 plans. You will receive an email from Jordan with the attached plan and a Google form linked in the email. Please make sure to save the plan, and FILL OUT the form! More information coming during the Intervention Services rotation.
2019-2020 Dismissal Spreadsheet

Please add your names by the end of the 1st day.

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Meet the Teacher Info

Meet the Teacher is one of the most exciting parts of back-to-school! Here are a few details to help make it a success:

  • Time - 6:00-7:00. PTO Volunteer parents will come from 5:30-6:00 since they will be working during the official hour.
  • Dress - Wear your new Wilson shirt (red one). Jeans are perfectly fine.
  • Car Tags - Please have car tags available. It saves time later!

We will make an announcement right at 7:00 to wrap it up and help you get out the door!

If you are a support staff member, please station yourself around the building to assist parents in finding classrooms.

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Monday / Tuesday Schedule

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Back-to-School Attendance Reminders

  • Please make sure attendance is submitted daily @ 10:00. Students present/absent @ 10:00 is the data used by the state for our funding and attendance rates, so it is important to be as close to 10:00 as possible.
  • Absence excuse notes - Please encourage learners to submit absence notes to the office when they arrive in the morning. That takes it off of your plate and decreases the chance of the attendance note being lost in the classroom. If you find one, or if a learner turns on into you, please send it to the Office.

The district is overhauling many of its attendance requirements and no longer excusing vacations, family trips, etc. The district is also committing to more strictly monitor and prosecute truancy. All of this has been updated in the new CISD Student Handbook (found below) and will be distributed to parents.

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1st Day Cafe Practice Schedule (PreK - 1st)

Take this time to practice/review Cafe procedures and expectations.

I am hoping to know more soon about how many lines we will have open.

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A Note From Your Friendly Neighborhood Instructional Coach...

I've fielded some questions about what kind of a check-out system seems to work in a classroom library. I actually advocate NOT having a check-out system. Keeping up with any system and tracking down books can become tedious and hard on relationships.

Instead try fostering the idea of collective ownership and responsibility of the classroom library - it is our library and we all keep up with it. Expect to lose some books each year (even if you have a checkout system)....it's just the nature of the workshop process. And if a book ends up in a student's home next summer instead of in our classroom, well maybe that isn't really such a bad thing.


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Here's to a GREAT 1st Week!