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Below are some of the resources we want for you to be aware of. Our students are 21st century learners, let's get digital!

What is Edmodo?

Students and teachers at Aycock are using Edmodo for assignments, checking for understanding, quizzes, discussions, small groups, and much more! Edmodo is the largest social learning network in the world. It is safe, secure, and monitored by teachers, district admin, and you!
Why use Edmodo?

How Parents view Students' Edmodo progress

Using a code from your child's account you can create a Parent account in Edmodo. Your account can link to multiple student accounts if you have more than one child using Edmodo. In this account you can view the progress of a student, their assignments, agendas, and any activity by them. The video below gives you step by step directions.
How to Create a Parent Account in Edmodo

Student Email - Gaggle

Every student has a school email address in Gaggle.

Login at:

  • Username: lunch number

  • Password: birthdate

If students need to use their account to sign up for other Web 2.0 websites the formula is below.

Student Login
Username: First letter of first name First five letters of last name Last three digits of student number. Example: Sue Anders,
Password: Student’s birthday (mmddyyyy format)

Parent Portal look on the left hand side.

The parent portal is a great place for parents to keep track of all Guilford County Schools Tablet and Personalized Learning information.

Tablet Consequences 2014-2015

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Tablet Policy

All students received a Handbook and Policy book when they received their tablet. A soft copy can be found in the upper right hand corner of their tablet or in the Parent Portal.


Applies to all intentional damage and carelessness:

$30.00 Charger

$45.00 Case

Optional replacement accessories:

$10.00 Stylus

$10.00 Earbuds

Day User

For breaking any Tablet Pledge rules students lose the right to take their tablet home. Day Users will sign in and out their tablet to the Media Center every day for the appointed amount of time based on the GCS consequence matrix. On the last day as a Day User, students will take an Edmodo Tablet Care Quiz to earn the privilege of taking the tablet home.


Lost or stolen tablets must be reported immediately to the media specialist or PLEF. After students have retraced their steps and asked all teachers, a Theft form will be given to them. Families will need to report the tablet to the Police Department. As soon as we have a Case number your student will be issued a new tablet.

Contact your PLEF

I am the Personalized Learning Environment Coordinator. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.