cult.geo unit #1 SA

savannah poole


Geography impacts your hole life. Job availability is a big reason why people are on the move to get better jobs. Another big reason is family members, because people don't want to be alone. Also matters what you do for a job that may dictate what part of the country you live in. Some people live where they live because of climate.

Globalization is

Globalization is a process of interaction and Integration among the people, is made up of environment (the trees and weather) culture (provides jobs but pays less money in different places) technology (makes less jobs for people) economics ( things that make money like T- shirts make us money.

Globalization Perspectives


-Modern industry established the world market

-Globalization eliminates national one sideness and narrow mindness


Reduce people to wage labers, a person's value is measured by how you can sell yourself on the market

- specialized skills, better your skill you can work anywhere

Claim in 6 words

You live where you live because of globalization effects. I live in New England because my family is here because they have jobs here. and my culture and peers are here.

Related Map skills

Population of people are mostly on the east coast side of the united states. Natural Resources are mostly in Florida and on the coast part of California. A lot of the manufacturing jobs are 40% of people lost jobs in the united states. There is a lot of transpiration on the coast lines and there in less in the middle of the map.

Globalization 2

My product is a Vineyard Vines hat, It is made out of 100% cotton twill. And comes from china. The cotton comes from Thialand. It is then shipped to the U.S east coast to vineyard vines to be finished then goes to malls to be sold

- embroidered whale logo on front

- signature text on back

- adjustable closure


My Vineyard Vines hat is imported from China. The problem with that is the gasses from the boat or from where ever they are coming from are going into the air and that is bad for our environment or if there is a storm where the ship sinks and the cargo is lost.


My hat uses technological power because they custom the hat online first then they use more technological power to manufacture there hats in a factory in china. There could be problems with the machinery and production stops.


In china where these hats are made there are lots of holidays and celebrations like Chinese new year and people are not working. The wages are very low that's why they have a hard time keeping good workers.


Some company's have a difficult time getting the raw materials for the hat so they have to pay more for these materials from other sources. It will cost more money also, there is up keep of the machines and the buildings.

Problem- solution

Factory owners have to keep up the building and machines. They have to pay the people a decent wage and they have to see where they can find raw materials from other places that don't cost to much.

Globalization and me

Globalization relates to me because it totally surrounds me from the ancestors that i came from in Italy to the electronics that i have from china and the clothes i wear from all over the world.

Globalization and me 6 word story

I am globalized. Electronics, food, customs, clothes.