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Solar power

renewable resources

Renewable resources are not always reliable also we use them a lot.Renewable resources can be relpiced there not really new and it's safe energy.renewable resources will never run out. That is what renewable resources are.

What is solar power/energy

Solar power is energy from the sun and ot turns into heat or electricity. Did you know that solar power can be used to heat water also solar power doesn't prodece air pollotion witch is great. Solar is sunshine,solar energy is clean and it's renewable energy. So that's what solar power/energy is.

Solar advantages

The advantages of solar power are solar panels are easily installed also once solar panels are installed they are free. Solar energy is clean and safe. Sunlight can be used to heat water or make electricity. It has no pollution,no carbon dioxide and its better for the environment these are the advantages of solar power.

Solar disadvantages

The disadvantages of solar power is solar panels only work when it is sunny also it takes up a lot of space. Solar panels are exspinsive to build on the ground. It needs backup energy systems. When you are installing the solar panels its really exspinsive these are the disadvantages of solar power/energy

Other facts

Some people use solar panels on there roof to use the Suns heat to create hot water and one way to collect solar power 24 hrs a day is to have a solar satalate. Solar panels works best in sunny places also solar cells convert light energy into electricity