By: Joey


The physical thing I do is basketball. Basketball is a very fun sport, the objective of the game is too score as many points as possible in the time period. The reason why it's a physical sport is because it requires you run around the gym that requires you to be physical.


Basketball helps with my mental health, the reason why it helps is because it keeps my emotional health very good. I love to play basketball so if I am in a bad mood I go and play basketball.


Basketball helps with my social health because I have to talk to my teamates to get better. Social health also connects with you having to call out plays or something the other team does because if you don't they do something that your team doesn't know about you could get yelled at.


Basketball is a huge intellectual health because you have to learn the plays and learn what to do in certain situations. If you don't learn the plays you will be hurting the whole team, by not knowing them.