News From the Pond

Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten

Reading and Writing


Theme 6: Meet My Family

Letter of the Week
: Ll
Sight words: am, car
Comprehension strategy: Creating Images


Topic 6: Comparing numbers through 10

Math Card Games

We had fun playing some math card games this week. Card games are a great way you can reinforce math concepts at home as well. We played "Top It" (commonly known as "War") and Go Fish.

Holiday Food Drive

Thank you to all of you who brought in food donations this past week. Our class brought in enough food to make 10 Holiday baskets!

Class Dojo

My sincere apologies! I have not been very good about getting points entered in. These past couple of weeks have gotten very busy and I have either not had time to sit down and enter points, or have simply just forgotten to. Please be aware that if there are any specific concerns regarding your child, I will be in contact with you.