Sacred Heart School

Week of November 16th

Come Together!

This weekend, Ms. K and Mr. K and I went to celebrate the wedding of an former Sacred Heart teacher! Rose Woo, our former Art teacher, met and fell in love with a bartender one day while out at a Sacred Heart Staff Happy Hour! Amazing!

While celebrating her, it was hard not to think about the family that exists at Sacred Heart. We are truly one big family! We have our quirks and our challenges, but at the end of the day, we are all here for the same purpose!

At the wedding, the bride and groom sang, Karaoke-style, the song "Come Together" by the Beatles! This song struck me in a new way this time, especially in light of recent tragedies, and I thought this would be a good time for us to all make a conscious effort to come together. This week, I challenge everyone to take a minute to notice people in our family. Try to notice someone that you do not work directly with. Send them a little note of thanks or encouragement! Let them know you care about them and appreciate their work!

Award Winners!

Parent Involvement

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Upcoming Events

SAT Team Meeting

Monday, Nov. 16th, 3:30pm

Middle School Team Room

2nd Grade visit to 826

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 9am

3233 14th Street Northwest

Washington, DC

2nd Grade visits the 826 writing center!

DC-PZ Night - Creating a Culture of Thinking

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 4:30pm


We are hosting about 150 educators from across DC for our DC-PZ Night. Special shout out to all of our teachers who are presenting their work - Ms. Mattoon, Mr. Landrigan, Ms. Quintailla, Ms. Gomez, Ms. Medley, Ms. Ramirez, and Ms. Rodriguez! Amazing!!

Thanksgiving Mass

Sunday, Nov. 15th, 10:15am

3211 Sacred Heart Way

Washington, DC

Hosted by our 7th grade!

PreK3 and PreK4 to Mt. P Library

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 2pm

3160 16th Street Northwest

Washington, DC

Tuition Assistance Application Training with Carla

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 6pm


Carla will be here to help any parents that need assistance with tuition assistance. Applications for the 16-17 school year are due Dec. 4th!

Jeans Day benefitting 5th Grade

Friday, Nov. 20th, 8am

Sacred Heart School, Washington, DC, United States

Washington, DC

Sacred Heart Gala

Saturday, Nov. 21st, 7pm

Gavan Center

A night of dinner, dancing, and fun!

Christmas Show Rehearsals

Each year, we put on the Sacred Heart Christmas show! It can be a stressful time for teachers, as there are many interruptions to our normal routine and schedule. However, in order to alleviate some of the stress, start planning a few small activities that students can work on while in the theater during rehearsals. Using clear folders and having students trace letters, or flash cards for multiplication, or perhaps giving your students a worksheet to work on. All of these are ways to sneak little bits of learning into the rehearsals!

Also, keep in mind the many benefits of working together on the Christmas show. It's important for kids to see us all working together to prepare something bigger than any one of us! It's also important for them to learn public speaking skills, stage presence, and the art of theater! & Above all else, it's a living reminder to students of the true meaning of Christmas.

We will host several rehearsals leading up to the show. Here is a tentative schedule. As always, I am open to working with individual teachers to solve individual grade conflicts. For example, PreK3 and 4 may be late to afternoon rehearsals because of nap time!

Before Thanksgiving Break:

November 23 -8:00-8:30 - Whole group song rehearsals

November 24 - 1:30-3:00pm - Full Show rehearsal

After Break:

November 30 - 8:00-8:30 Whole group song rehearsal

December 1 - 8:00 - 8:30 - Whole group song rehearsal

Week of the Show

December 7th - 1:30-3:00 Full show rehearsal (afternoon)

December 8th - 1:30-3:00 Full show rehearsal (afternoon)

December 9th - 8:00-10:00 am - Full show rehearsal (morning)

December 10th - 8:00-10:00am Full show rehearsal (morning)

December 11th- 8:00 am - 10:00 amFull show rehearsal (morning)

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For the backdrop and theater design, we will have each class design a tree. We are looking for bright, bold, funky, designs! Students will work on these trees during Art Class.
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