Come To South Carolina!!!

Founded in 1719

Why was our colony founded?

South Carolina was founded by eight proprietors of a proprietary colony. South Carolina was founded for farming and trade. South Carolina had great farming coditions and still is know for its farming today. It was also founded to form a boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania. This line was none as the Mason-Dixon line. This line wasn't just a boundary it was the line that divided North and South states where slavery was aboishes and accepted.

Our awesome products:

-what we farmed-


South Carolina used these three crops to make money and traded them with other regions. There were many rice and tobacco plantations throughout the region. South Carolina used enslaved people to help with the production of these crops.


In South Carolina the geography is a lowland area called tidewater. South Carolina is a subtropical region and is 3,560 ft above sea level and has beaches all around. South Carolina has average percipitation but the weather is mostly hot, warm and humid. All these features make it a great place for farming and growing crops.

Religion and Government:

In South Carolina everybodywas Catholic. Lutheran or Jewish. There were many churches that allowed these religions. Religious freedom was given when Carolina split in south and north. South Carolina's goverment was given by the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina. This is what led to South Carolina's Farming and religious freedom.


Like in most southern colonies South Carolina was one of many to have slavery. South Carolina had many plantations for farming and harvesting. Slaves were brought into the equation when when many rich plantation owners bought enslaved people to help out with the work. Slaves were brought from Africa, Caribean, and Barbados. They were used to harvest cotton, rice, indigo, and sugar.