Middle Colonies

Yasline, Joey, Me (Ariel), and Jamie


year founded:1638, 1655, 1664
Founder: Swedes, English, Dutch

Why was it founded? It was founded because
King Charles II gave the colony to his brother

Geography: Great soil, flat plains, and rolling hills inland.
Role of Religion: They were very open about their religious beliefs.
Economy: Fishing and cutting down lumber.

Other Info: Delaware was the first state.

New York

year founded:1623 and 1664

Founder: Peter Minuit and others, on Manhattan Island

Reason founded: For trading and furs.

Geography: mountain, plains, and rolling hills.

Role of Religion: It was freely expressed.

Economy:fur, lumber trading, shipping, and the slave trade

Other Info: was named after the Duke of York and Albany.


year founded:1623 and 1664

Founder: William Penn

Reason founded: for freedom of religion and to escape persecution.

Geography: Near the Atlantic Ocean, mountains, and Coastal Plain.

Role of Religion: They can freely practice any religion.

Economy: Exported Iron products to England.

Other Info: It was well-advertised and by 1700 was the third biggest and richest colony in the New World.

New Jersey

year founded:1644

Founder:Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret

Reason founded:In 1664, the Duke of York, received control of New Netherland. With that he granted land to two of his friends, Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret, that would become New Jersey

Geography; For Farm and Trade.

Role of Religion: It was tolerated and therefore the colony expanded fast.

Economy: Trade of fur and agricultural products

Other Info:New Jersey had over 150 Churches with 8 denominations.