Friday Newsletter

September 16, 2016

Smith Mission

Smith Staff will collaborate to inspire and connect to each child by knowing every name and need to ensure success.

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Misty Belyeu- You have gone above and beyond to get to know your students as readers. You are spending one on one time with them to assess their reading behaviors.

First Grade- Having students self assess on concepts using dry erase tape and shapes, then pulling small groups based on what students share

Lindsey Redburn and Lisa Baril- Using rubrics in writing to define the desired criteria for their students!They put a structure in place to ensure student success, goal setting using a rubric, and writing conferences. They adapted the Calkins rubric and made it their own! They also shared it with Cheryl Upvall, so that we can vertically align our work with one another! BIG BIG CHEERS FOR THESE TWO!

Lauren Tucker - Thank you for staying with a student until after 3:45. You identified how upset he was and kept him feeling loved and cared for. You have a heart of gold!

Ashlee Freeney - You were like Super Woman at the end of the day on Thursday. Thank you for caring about a student who was really struggling and help keep the rest of our kids safe.

Brittany McLeod - Thank you for counseling a student who was struggling today. He really needed the talk time with you.

Jenny Parris and Andrea Sibley - The work you are doing for a student will make such an impact on who he becomes. Amazing!

5th Grade Team - Pine Cove Night rocked! Our parents had very few questions because you were so clear. Thank you for your extra work!

Jan Pelias - Dot Day! What a great day for our students! The band, the cheerleaders, the human dot...oh my!

Dana Andregg- What a super cool lesson your kids were creating using the app Educreations! Explaining their thinking and technology embedded in one lesson!

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September 19- Sue McAdams Training for K-2

September 20-

September 21- Staff Meeting- Name and Need Classroom Teachers/SPED Teachers/SAIL Teachers/Specialty Teachers

September 22- Bus Evacuation Drills 9:30-10:45, PTA Meeting 6:00-7:00

September 23- Clark Color Run 5:30-7:30

College Week

Monday The Future is Bright-Wear neon or bright colors.

Tuesday College Spirit Day-Wear your favorite college colors and spirit gear. You may wear jeans on this day as long as you wear a college shirt!

Wednesday Heading off to College-Wear a hat today.

Thursday Time Travel Thursday-Travel to the future. What career will you have? Dress in those work clothes today.

Friday Be True to Your School-Show your Smith spirit. Wear Smith shirts.

Differentiation Up and Running during WIN Time in Kinder!

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FISD and Budget Process

If you have heard rumors about the future of FISD, please watch how the process will work. I am on the work committees and can answer any additional questions you may have. I love the part about how we are prioritizing based on our needs in FISD. The video is about 12 minutes long. It is worth your time to view. We will keep communicating with you when we receive information.
Budget Process Roundtable

A Snapshot of Dot Day!!

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Smith Performances 2016-2017

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Lights, lights, lights...

As we look for ways to prioritize how to meet our student and teacher needs in the future, please keep in mind the cost savings associated with turning off lights. If you are leaving your room for a length of time, please check and make sure all lamps and lighting are off. Anything we can do now will help in the future.
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Be sure to sleep this weekend. :)