The Amazing water birds

Do you ever wonder how swans build their nests? Or why they're so protective in certain areas? You can get those answers here!

What are Swans?

Swans are graceful birds with usually white feathers, but black swans do exist, as seen below. There are also tundra swans, trumpeter swans, whooper swans, mute swans, black-necked swans, and coscoroba swans. They have long orange beaks, called bills, and black webbed feet.
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Swans like to eat soft vegetation in the water, their long necks allowing them to reach plants on the riverbed. Black swans and trumpeter swans eat aquatic vegetation as well. Mute swans eat aquatic vegetation as well, but also insects, fish, and frogs.
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Swans are very protective of their nests. To build a nest, a swan will dig a medium sized hole and lay her eggs. She will the protect her nest for weeks or even months until they hatch.
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Swans prefer to live near water, and usually, they do. Tundra swans live in the arctic, though, and migrate during winter to america's colder bays and coastlines. Swans live in North America and migrate south in the winter.
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