Betsy's Bits

March 7, 2014

Stallions are EVERYWHERE this week!

Laurie McCauley spoke at the LCS Board of Education meeting on Tuesday evening about "Spread the Word to End the Word" and "Light it Up Blue"; national events which SanLee takes part to educate our students about students with disabilities. She reprented the Lee County Autism Council and SLMS well! Thank you so much to Laurie, Rena, Chelsea, Shane, and all of 8th grade for Spread the Word to End the Word movement this week! I'm excited about Light it up Blue next month!

Robin Neville's students did an outstanding job demonstrating SmartMusic at the LCS Board of Education meeting on Tuesday night. We saw how beginners to third year music students all use the program and receive immidiate feedback and instruction. Robin did a superb job explaining for those of us with limited backgrounds in music. I was beaming with Stallion Pride on Tuesday Night!

Robin and Hannah Thomas also presented at the NCTIES conference in Raleigh this week on flipping the music and health classrooms. I heard great things about their presentation. Mrs. Neville has great resources on her webpage including Hannah's blog about her experience this year flipping Great job ladies!

Danita Russell also presented with Kim Collazo from Greenwood at the AIG conference last week. She reported having "standing/sitting on the floor room only" at their session. People from across the state were excited to hear about all the wonderful resources we have in Lee County and utilize daily for our students.

Teaching Fellow Visit

Monday, March 10th, 1-3:30pm

2309 Tramway Rd

Sanford, NC

Six Senior Teaching Fellows from across the state will be visiting LCS Monday and Tuesday next week. They are scheduled to come to SanLee on Monday afternoon. I will give them a tour, engage in a Q&A with Admin Team, and then facilitate another Q&A with a representation of our teaching staff after school. I feel honored to have them come here and spend this amount of time in our building. Let's show them why we are so SPECIAL!

Science and Social Studies PLC

Tuesday, March 11th, 3pm

2309 Tramway Rd

Sanford, NC

Rudy & Nicki's Wedding Shower

Friday, March 14th, 3pm

Sanlee Middle School, Tramway Road, Media Center


Benchmark Information

We will NOT be giving county-wide benchmarks for the 3rd quarter. Grade Level Chairs need to send me information on your plans for common assessments to be given by the end of the quarter.

Taking Leave (TEACHERS)

Personal Leave

If you are going to be out for a personal reason (vacation/trip, buying/selling a home, etc., wedding) you will take a personal day. Please note the reason on the form or come by and speak with me about it. Personal days should be set up at least 7 days before you are planning to be out (as soon as you get approval from me). You need to fill out the Leave Request form, notify me of why you need to be out (either on the form or in person), put the form in my box, AND put the absence in SubFinder. I will not approve the leave until I have your paperwork and know why you are planning on being out. Remember that the substitute's pay is paid for out of your check.

Professional Leave

Professional leave is used when going to conferences and training. You should do all the paperwork as soon as you know you are going. You must fill out a Leave Request form, Prior Approval form, and place this in SubFinder. This all should be done at least 2 weeks in advance! If this training is NOT a Lee County sponsored event, you must come and speak with me or email me and let me know the purpose of the conference/training, who is paying for the fees and substitute. If this is not a Lee County event, then school funds pay for a sub or you take a personal day and you pay the sub. I will ALWAYS do what I can to help you grow and learn, but please ask so I can see what funds are available.

Sick Leave

This leave is used for when you are sick, your children/family are sick, and medical appointments. If it is an appointment that cannot be made after school, please put this in SubFinder as soon as you know and fill out the Leave Request form. If you are out sick, you MUST fill out a Leave Request as soon as you return. These forms are located in Mrs. Capps office. She is also going to place a stack on both sides of the mailboxes to help you remember to do this.

Annual Leave

Teachers can only take this leave when students are not in school and if it is NOT a required workday.

*Please see Gaye or me if you have ANY questions!

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UNBELIEVABLE NEWS! #marchgladness

Our PAV teachers and The Admin Team want to give a gift to the CORE teachers beginning next week...the gift of quiet time. :)

Wednesdays they will be Duty Free Lunch Day!

Please escort your children to the cafeteria at your scheduled lunch time and then pick your class up at the scheduled time at the table.

We will not be responsible for students with silent/working lunch. Please ensure your class knows who is to go to working lunch. Do not send work to the cafteria or expect us to monitor anyone that has been assigned to silent lunch on Wednesdays. There will be approximately 6 adults monitoring the entire cafteria.

FYI: This was an idea that came from our Elective Dept! We have the best staff :) #marchgladness