S'more Fun in Second Grade!

Mrs. Andolina-Coleman's Class


It's hard to believe that January is almost over! Time has been flying by! Thank you to everyone for donating Change for Veterans. The class had a wonderful time counting coins and we passed our goal of $50 and raised $62!

This month we started Second Step, a character education program, with Mrs. Bianchi-Payne! Students have been practicing listening skills and social skills!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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January Forum

Our forum this month was based on the Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook. Ask your child about what s/he learned at forum and from the book!

At Forum, we also found out that our grade level WON this month's Change for Veterans fundraiser and earned Snowy Recess!! We can't wait for it to snow so we can go outside! Be on the look out for an email regarding our snowy recess!

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day will be here before we know it! If your child would like to bring in Valentines cards (we will make paper bag mailboxes to store them), please be sure that there is one for the entire class.

Class list:

Aniyah, Ayden, Bailey, Blake, Braeden, Caleb, Clark, Jaidyn, Kaiden, Kaitlyn, Liam, Lilliana, Mia, Miles, Rhiannon, Steven, Tristan, Tyler

Below is a list of Valentine's Day Party Sign Up. If anyone is able to send in strawberries, please let me know :)

Honsberger - Popcorn

Stone - Juice

Paddock - Paper Cups

Cook - Paper Plates

Fitzwater - Napkins


As we go through our Fundations Units it is important to know that assessments include previous skills taught in other units. One skill that is imperative to continue practicing is spelling the trick words. Trick words are words that cannot be sounded out phonetically and require memorization. Students practice trick words during their word work center of Daily 5. However, continued practice at home would be greatly appreciated! I will send home the list of trick words students have learned thus far.

ELA / Reading

This month we have discussed character traits. Students have been reading books while analyzing character traits and providing evidence from the text to support their ideas. We have also discussed character feelings and analyzed how they change throughout the story.

Additionally, students have been introduced to close reading. Close reading is a skill where students read a text multiple times, digging deeper each time they read it. The first time they read the passage and take note of difficult words. They also retell the story or discuss the main idea. The second reading, students look at text features and make inferences. The third reading, students answer questions that require them to use evidence from the text.


We started our informational writing unit. In the first bend of the unit, students were scientists, conducting experiments and writing about their findings. Currently, students are writing informational books about a topic that relates to movement. They are using scientific vocabulary words, such as: force, push, pull, friction, balance and gravity. Together, we have studied non-fiction text features to include in our writing. Students will be reading informational books that relate to their writing topics to make their books stronger.


We started a new unit in math, 2 and 3-digit subtraction! This is a challenging skill that requires repetition and practice! Students have been working very hard through the use of base ten cubes, coins and paper/pencil methods. During math, it is also important to check our work! Students can check their subtraction problems through drawing pictures or math mountains (add the answer to the addend; 82-39 = 43 so 43+39 = 82).

See below for different strategies we have learned in the classroom and the poem we follow to help us (also seen in homework folders).

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