New Creature Found

Scientist who found it calls it "The panther from hell"

Phenotype & How it came to be!

Phenotype (What it looks like)

This animals has a black color with white under body. It is a hexopodal animal, meaning that it has 6 legs/appendages. The Thanator is a heterotrophic animal that eats other animals.

How it came to be!

This animal evolved from a panther. When looking at the fossil, the two animals have homologous structures. Scientist suspect that the animal got there when humans went over to explore. The humans did take some animals with them to see how they reacted to the different environment. Guess they left some animals behind. The scientist have recorded all physical differences between a panther and a thanator. They have found tail now serves a purpose. It now helps defend against predators. Scientist have taken panthers to Pandora to record changes. So far the panthers are changing just like predicted. James Cameron, the scientist behind all of this, suspects that the thanator somehow is related to the panther by using the study of biogeography. This animals is also said to have the greatest fitness on the planet.

Artificial Selection

Scientist say that they will start crossing the genes of a panther and thanator sometime next year.