The Trial

Module 7 lesson 1 mastery assignment

Vocab words

- Arrest
- Bail
- Felony or Misdemeanor
- Grand Jury
- Indictment

- Public Defender
- Arraignment
- Plea Bargaining
- Petit Jury
- Witness
- Subpoena
- Defendant

- Prosecution
- Perjury
- Judge

- Verdict
- Acquitted or convicted
- Appeal
Arrest this Man! No please I beg of you I have a Witness in this case! Say it to the Judge! Fine your honor I was accused of stealing from a farmer and his wife. I am here to tell you that is not the truth. Will the Defendant please rise. Yes sir your honor. Basically here's what happened me and my friend we were walking through a farm and the farmer came out yelling at us saying get off my property but we didn't steal anything. Well then I see, What was the Indictment for? Stealing? Well I see it isn't right to Convict these two boys of a crime they did not commit. We will see what the Grand Jury has to say about this one. Do you have a lawyer with you? No sir but a Public Defender. Hello there your honor, I am here to say that I feel the farmers Verdict to to extreme and it requires a bail of 5,000$? Sir i am sorry but that is unheard of. The Farmers lawyer scheduled for an arraignment today but sadly he did not appear before the Petit Jury. Well didn't he get a Subpoena? Yes sir I think he did but there is one thing to add he is blind so he couldn't read it. Well whoever played this game on him not to show up to court today gets a Misdemeanor! I'm Tired of this Case! Okay Okay! fine an Appeal! and I perjury. Yes I did it I lied he did not steal from my farm or my wife and I. I made this whole thing up because my crops were dying and I was mad and I saw him and his friend walk by and the first thing I thought of was if they ruined my crops I would get money for the trespassing and violation on my property. The Judge says alright then case settled the with the Plea Bargaining I will put a prosecution in file of this Case. Case Dismissed!