Events That Caused The Civil War

5 main events

The Compromise Of 1850

The north and the South always had quarrels about the topic of slavery whether to make states slave states or not, and so on. Sometimes with got really irritated with the North, and vice versa. The South and the North where enemies. The first compromise made was the compromise of 1820, and it wasn't as much as a big deal, and the problem was solved. but 30 years later they had to make another compromise, the compromise of 1850.The compromise made Fugitive Slave Act, where all slave that had escaped, even in the north, had to go back to their owners.

The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850

After the compromise slaves that where being hidden and or had ran away had to go back to their rightful owners or be resold. Although the north dint want to support slavery and they wanted to abolish it, they still had to enforce the laws of the south. Although the south didn't seem to respect the Norths laws, and they would steal free born slaves for slavery. but it was technically legal because of the law.

The Dred Scott Decision

Dred Scott was a slave. He had gotten a chance to be free one though, in his adult years. Later he had to go back with his wife and children to the harsh slave life, they where treated unfairly and had to do thing that where unfair too. He decided to sue, and at first it didn't work and he had to go back. Then later he had obtained a lawyer that hated slavery, and he said slavery was unconstitutional. This act was a push towards the emancipation proclamation, because it stirred up arguments whether slavey was right or wrong and if he should've ben able to sue, etc.

The Kansas-Nebraska Act

In this act Kansas had become a new state, It was a decision between slave of free state, again. Missouri voted for it to be a Slave, and a lot of the proslavery people won control of the decision and Kansas became a slave state. This angered the North, and eventually they got the state changed into a free state. All of these problems with just adding a state to the country pushed towards the civil war.

John Brown's Raid of 1859

John Brown was a Abolitionist, and he raided Harpers Ferry, a town in Virginia on October 16, 1859. When he raided, his men ended up getting captured and killed, he himself got hung as well. He was a very witty Abolitionist, and was maybe a bit to violent for some people's taste. He also helped in the Underground railroad, freeing many slaves. As a boy, he was taught strongly to hate slavery, witch probably lead him to being as militant as he was. His act made some hopeful and some even angrier, witch lead to more quarrels that lead to the south leaving the union and the war.


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