Jordan's Adventure

April 6 2016

Finding Bigfoot And The Beefalo

Jordan Harbour found Bigfoot and captured him at 12:36 pm.And he become famous for it.He was tired of the fame so he hired this guy to find a beefalo a animal that is a bison and a buffalo. Then he found it at 1:36 pm nobody liked the beefalo they said it was just a bison hybrid.

Then Jordan Harbour hired his friends Luke Trevor Noah Robert Jackson m. Zachary Brayden and Blake. and they went two find all the undiscovered animals in the world. We split up Brayden and Blake went, Jordan Luke Trevor And Noah went, and Robert Jackson and Zachary went together.We caught ten different hybrids and we where famous for it.

How To Find Bigfoot And A Beefalo

In the north forest is where you can find Bigfoot. You can find a beefalo by breeding a Bison and a Buffalo.
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This is a Beefalo

It is a cross hybrid of a Bison and a Buffalo