The Giver

Lois Lowry by: Bryan Hernandez

Book summary

This book is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a very controlled community where there are family units and you get assigned different jobs. The community is controlled by a group of people called elders and they assign the jobs when the kids turn twelve. Jonas gets assigned a very special job called The Receiver of Memories in which he receives memory of how the world was like long ago (which is the one we live in today) and learns about different emotions such as love and happiness. The person that trains Jonas to be the new reciever is an old man called The Giver. This man gives Jonas very special memories for Jonas to keep such the memory of snow, animals, the sun, horse rides, and much more. He soon learns that his community is not who they say they are and it makes Jonas very upset.



Jonas is a 12 year old boy that is very curious. He is very careful, mature, and very respectful. Jonas was selected by the elders to be the new receiver and gets trained by a man called The Giver. Jonas and The Giver get along pretty well and he always shows respect towards him. Jonas soon finds out his community is hiding a secret and that gets him upset .

"We gained control of many things but let go of others" - The Giver

Teacher Like Questions

1. What feelings does Jonas have towards Gabe?

2. How does The Giver help Jonas understand how the world was once like?

3.How does Jonas overcome his problems?

overall rating

Overall I actually like this book, it was by far one of the best books i've read and i didn't really find anything I disliked besides the ending which really didn't make sense.